SCORE against the current Pandemic

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  1. Juan Esteban Gaitán Segura – ASCEMCOL – Universidad del Quindío. [email protected]
  2. María Camila Barón – ASCEMCOL- Universidad Santiago de Cali.


SCORE against the current Pandemic

The world has been affected by an important emergency situation, The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted in a global way, this disease has affected 9.18 million people around the world and even though it has a low mortality rate, it is the spread that causes the most concern.

Consequently, our daily lives have been affected in every aspect. Although we have seen different sectors try to reopen little by little, one sector that will surely be affected for a long time is travel and tourism. In our case, it is no surprise that the IFMSA exchange programs have been put on hold. The uncertainty of how the pandemic will develop has kept us from finding a definite solution for our incoming and outgoing students.

Educational exchanges are a great opportunity which allow us to improve academic quality and education in medical schools worldwide, giving us the opportunity to know different health systems and to understand many aspects of medicine from different perspectives. In  addition to this, it gives us a very broad understanding of different cultures giving us the opportunity to educate ourselves as global physicians.

As NMO we understand and put ourselves in the position of students who wish to continue their exchanges despite the situation; therefore, our purpose has been to ensure mutual benefit, by creating strategies for the realization of these in the best possible way, seeking to find measures for the proper conduct of exchanges while guaranteeing students safety and quality.

Our main goal as a research exchange committee is to give students the opportunity to improve their research skills in other learning environments, but due to the current situation, we  have had to modify the objective and focus on the safety of students, put their interests first, listen to them, and provide accompaniment.

It has been possible to demonstrate the discouragement and loss of interest on the part of some to carry out their exchange, this caused by personal situations consequence of the health crisis, so with the help of the Lore’s, which have been of great help in this situation, we have been giving support to each one of them and guidance, so that the decision they make with respect to their trip is appropriate.

Due to the uncertainty that has been evidenced lately, as exchange committees and as said above, we have tried to study the best alternatives for the successful realization of these, we understand the different concerns that may arise on the part of students, and we try to solve them in the best possible way. good and timely communication has been a key element for mutual cooperation between the students and the NMO, also we are open to the changes that will have to be generated for the proper functioning of the committee, as always ensuring the benefit of our students.

Last but not least, this is a crisis we are all going through in the world, we are not alone in these difficult times and, although it will be difficult and perplexing, all together we will be able to return step by step to a style of life we are more used to. #BlueHugs

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