SCOMEdipedia – India (MSAI)

Name of the activity: SCOMEdipedia

Country/NMO: India (MSAI)

Program: Teaching Medical Skills


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Education


General description:

SCOMEdipedia – a platform where students from various states , studying in different years of medical school could discuss on WhatsApp groups about important topics for various residency entrance examinations like NEET-PG India, USMLE etc. The initiative was taken in December 2017
There are 2 active groups on Whatsapp where relevant medical education data is being shared twice weekly for must know topics of each body system.

Focus area:

A month dedicated to each body system, discussions on important topics within these systems, refreshal of all aspects of the same through a vertically integrated approach.

Problem statement:

•Medical education system is not merely supposed to be about dealing with subjects separately but rather about integrating the knowledge we receive in all subjects to have a wholesome approach.
•We also need time to time refreshal to remember and correlate all that we learn daily, sharing easy ways to remember difficult topics.
•To get residency in India, we need to go through an exam that compromises of objective questions but the curriculum is testing our subjective answers and the transition is not always easy for most students, causing them to drop a year or more to actually be able to give their hundred percent.
•A common organised platform for all years of medical students from all over India to discuss cases and skills is lacking.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

SCOMEdipedia currently serves 300 medical students of all years from all states of India.

Objectives and indicators of success:


•To promote medical education and learning skills in students.
•To promote vertical integration of medical topics.
•To allow students to easily accept objective as well as subjective questions.
•To permit free sharing of material between students to improve the level of medical education by positive peer support.


•Feedback forms will be filled by the members at the end of the activity to asses the usefulness of this activity.
•After completion of selected topics of the subject/system for the month, a quiz will be conducted.


•The National Team to post content, mneumonics, and MCQs with answers twice a week, to enhance the capacity of members of the group
•To provide a common organised platform to allow the students to share their personal notes, tips, case formats, questions, names of reference books & textbooks, doubts, pneumonics, diagrams with fellow medical students.
•Once a month doubt solving/discussions with Professors/ experts in subject was carried out.
• After completion of selected topics of the subject/system for the month, a quiz will be conducted. Winners will be announced on The MSAI FB page and on all whatsapp groups. A certificate will be given on behalf of MSAI to the winner of the Quiz.

Plans for evaluation:

•Analysis of Feedback Forms:
The feedback forms as filled by the members on the completion of the activity will help us asses the success of the event and possible fallacies, how to improve them next term and how to enhance their learning experience at SCOMEdipedia
•Analysis of Quiz responses:
Correlation of accuracy of quiz responses to relative activity in the group as well as against non members will give us a fair idea of how successful our event has been.

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