SCOME ME – Tunisia (Associa-Med)

Name of the activity: SCOME ME

Country/NMO: Tunisia (Associa-Med)

Program: Medical Education Systems


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Capacity Building


General description:

A project of continuing education cycle that aims to supervise the student and ensure its proper integration into the committee. More luck and opportunity to understand the world of SCOME, Associa-Med, IFMSA and training. Our goal through this project is to give birth to true leaders aware of the different issues in medical education and endowed with all the necessary abilities in soft skills and personal development. We really need SCOME SOLDIERS who are so personally and professionally trained that they will be ready to act and change.
Also the project does not stop on training sessions but it will encompass a wider and richer dimension that is the social networks through its Facebook page called SCOME Me. This to give the chance to active members outside the club and in apart from Associa-Med to know about SCOME and about the importance of our work and our actions. The goal will be to strengthen the concept of online training since the page will ensure the communication of any useful information in the form of article, intervention, and video. A recovery of the session made to the club members will be of course published as short and useful lessons.

Focus area:

It’s actually the five focus areas that we have been working on. The main goal is to make medical students conscious of the medical education issues. As a part of stakeholders, they are ready through this club to put plans and ideas to advocate and make the change.

Problem statement:

Walking around in the medical school I noticed too much ignorance and no care is given to our medical education. Our soul was since the history traped into the cage of medical studies, stress and anxiety. Too much passivity ! As a result the sense of criticism in his right way is obviously absent. on the other hand our educational system is in real need of puting hands on the way of real change. As medical students, we believe that our role is determinating and we need to put on our potential in a meaningful and efficient way for the sake of our medical school.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Medical students

Objectives and indicators of success:

– Give birth to a medical student well involved and engaged in his medical field. Far from being a simple student, it is indeed a future doctor endowed with all his stars ready to change and act.
– Make scome the professional and personal development framework for the medical student. a real friendly atmosphere to gather all our future doctors around the same cause, learn new concepts and share all news about medical education. Make the committee the guarantee of better training and an even better future.
– Treat almost all the medical education topics such as curriculum design and development, accreditation, social accountability, advocacy, evaluation and assessment, meaningful student’s involvement, ethics, medical research, personal development …
– Make sure that all the participants will acquire the soft skills and leadership skills in a proper and efficient way.
– Help these strongly motivated and well-trained leaders to put on action there competence and chase their own impact on our medical education, faculty and society.


– Training Sessions delivered by IFMSA Trainers.

Plans for evaluation:

The evaluation of the projects will be assured by the following measures:
– at the end of each session a recovery is made by the participants themselves to see what they have learned and acquired as new skills.
– at the end of each session the trainer and the participants sit in closed circle and share their experience during the session in case and give also their feedbacks on the content of the training, the trainer and the organization of the session.
– a feedback form is delivered to the participants through their Facebook group and e-mails to ask their feedbacks anonymously
– at the end of the project an evaluating session will be delivered and it will evaluate the competence of the new leaders and medical advocators
– to make sure more and more of the efficiency and the impact of the club, the participants will take their time to organize a new project related to medical education and get their own impact on the others.
– the project will have a closing ceremony by the end of the mandate where the participants or the baby trainers will get their certificates.

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