Safe and Fest – ANEM Portugal

Name of the activity: Safe&Fest

Country/NMO: ANEM Portugal

Program: HIV, AIDS and other STIs

Contact information: contact [email protected] to get in touch with the Activity Coordinator

Type of the activity: Continuous Activity

Category: Education

Focus area: Prevention of all STIs or are specific STIs, STI testing, Removing stigmatization and empowering people living with HIV, Raising awareness among the general public about STIs, STI education or training for future health-care professions

Sustainable Development Goals addressed: SDG 3 (Good health and Well-Being)

Problem statement:

STIs are a significant cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide and diagnosis is still linked with stigma and prejudice. In Portugal, the prevalence of STIs such as gonorrhea, genital chlamydia and syphilis is increasing. In addition, it is amongst people aged 18 to 25 that transmission rates are highest. Taking this into account, it is important to ensure easy access to information and to anonymous and free STIs screening so that people know their status and the  transmission can be broken.

Target groups:

  • General population
  • Medical students


  • General population
  • Medical students


  1. Increase the knowledge of at least 20 medical students about STIs
  2. Raise awareness about STIs and prevention methods among at least 70 people

Indicators of Success:

For objective 1:

  1. Pre and post evaluation forms to the medical students going to the festivals – 20% increase in self evaluation of knowledge before and after the training;
  2. Number of training sessions delivered to medical students – at least 5;
  3. Number of medical students trained – at least 20;
  4. Scores obtained in the mini-tests done during GAT’s training course for medical students who will perform STI screenings – average of results above 50%.

For objective 2:

  1. Number of people approached at the festivals site – at least 70;
  2. Feedback obtained – average rating of the initiative at least 4/5.


The activity consists of two dimensions:

(A) Raising awareness at music and summer festivals

  1. Creation of the training material
  2. Opening call for participants (medical students)
  3. Training participants
  4. Participants and trainers go to festivals and interact with the general population, raising awareness on STI in an informal setting and showing how to correctly use condoms

(B) Training Medical students to perform STI screenings

  1. Scheduling of training moments with GAT (see external partners)
  2. Open call for participants
  3. Participants engage in the training provided by GAT
  4. Participants perform STI screenings to the general public

Plans for evaluation:

(A) Pre and post evaluation form + informal feedback from people attending the festivals

(B) Scores in the mini tests during the training course and at the end; number of students who complete the training and move on to screen the general population

External collaborations:

GAT – NGO that advocates for legal and political changes that benefit PLHIV or at risk of infection. Its goals and activities are aligned with the 909090 goals. The support from GAT consists of three things (1) revision of the material used in the activities aimed at the general population; (2) provision of internal and external condoms and lube and (3) training of medical students to perform STI Screenings


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