RETROGAIDS (Reverse Stereotypes and Stigmas Against HIV/AIDS) – CIMSA-Indonesia

Name of the activity: RETROGAIDS (Reverse Stereotypes and Stigmas Against HIV/AIDS) 

Country/NMO: CIMSA-Indonesia

Program: HIV, AIDS and other STIs

Contact information: contact [email protected] to get in touch with the Activity Coordinator

Type of the activity: First-time Activity

Category: Education

Focus area: Prevention of all STIs or are specific STIs, Removing stigmatization and empowering people living with HIV, Raising awareness among the general public about STIs, Ensuring access to treatment for people living with HIV or other STIs, Children living with HIV/AIDS and other STIs

Sustainable Development Goals addressed: SDG 3 (Good health and Well-Being)

Problem statement:

Through our pre-project assessment, we found that 63,4% of the respondents don’t fully know the transmission method of HIV/AIDS as well as the existence or function of antiretroviral therapy. Based on UNAIDS in 2019, 38 thousand people had recorded to have HIV. Among them, 36,2 thousand were adults and the rest 1,8 thousand others were children. UNAIDS also placed Indonesia in 3rd place for country with highest number of HIV in Asia Pacific. 

Target groups:

  • General population
  • Medical students
  • Youth


  • General population
  • Medical students
  • Youth


-Increases understanding of SCORA CIMSA UGM members about comprehensive knowledge related to HIV/AIDS

-Train SCORA CIMSA UGM members in holding activity with good coordination to increase public health by participating in attempt to decreases HIV cases and increases treatment of ODHA/HIV

-Train SCORA CIMSA UGM members in fighting for ODHA/ODHIV rights that has not been fulfilled in Indonesia through peer education 

-Train SCORA CIMSA UGM members in educating general public about HIV/AIDS 

-Decrease the number of HIV/AIDS cases in Indonesia through education regarding HIV/AIDS to general public  

-Increases awareness about the importance to tackle HIV/AIDS topic because it’s still considered a taboo topic 

-Increases general public knowledge about prevention and early detection of HIV/AIDS

-Break the stereotypes and bad stigma about HIV/AIDS to general public

-Target community can play a role as a good peer educator in educating other communities regarding HIV/AIDS stigma

Indicators of Success:

-Increases general public awareness and knowledge in Alun Alun Kidul Yogyakarta through interaction and educating 20 strangers

-Increases general public knowledge with a target of 100 volunteer in air campaign measured by increase in mean score post-test to 60%

-Webinar and Talk Show participants could understand topic related to HIV/AIDS measured by increase in mean score post-test to 60%

-Minimal 50% of total ODHA/ODHIV targets affected by stunting in Yogyakarta got vitamin supplement

-Minimal number of attendance of OC in LPET is 60% from total OC, which is 25 people  

-Minimal number of attendance in webinar and talk show is 60% from total OC, which is 25 people 

-Minimal attendance of OC in ground campaign is 50% from the total of OC that campus has given permission to.


First, we started the activity with Local Peer Educator Training and did  a one-day ground campaign in Malioboro Square (yang jalanan Malioboro). Next, we did an air campaign for 3 days that includes WhatsApp group broadcast messages, peer education with topics related to HIV/AIDS followed by publication via Instagram, and WhatsApp sharing session and education brought by people living with HIV/AIDS from LSM Victory Plus. Then,  we ended the activity with SKP-IDI certified Webinar with speakers from representatives of Jaringan Indonesia Positif HIV/AIDS Activist and Head of Voluntary, Counseling, and Testing HIV Team RSA UGM and moderated by one of Peer Educator Trainer SCORA CIMSA. We also collected some funds to buy vitamin C supplements that will be donated to children with HIV/AIDS that are affected by stunting.

Plans for evaluation:

-Pre- and post-test before and after webinar

-Pre- and post-test before and after campaign

-Evaluation meeting from the OC

-Direct observation to observe how participants are proactive in activity with the minimal 10 people asking questions in all the activity interventions

External collaborations:

-Aldi Maulana Fallaq, Officer at Jaringan Indonesia Positif (JIP) and dr. Nurwestu Rusetiyanti, M.Kes, Sp. KK, Head of HIV Team RSA UGM  as speakers in webinar 

-Victory Plus as external partner that collaborate in campaign dan guest in WhatsApp education. Victory Plus is a foundation that runs to give support for PLWA

-IDI (Ikatan Dokter Indonesia) as a provider in SKP-IDI

-Indonesian Society of Dermatology and Venereology (INSDV)  as partner in webinar

-AMSA UGM as partner in holding webinar


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