Resilient Sisterhood

Name of the activity: Resilient Sisterhood

Country/NMO: Pakistan (IFMSA-Pakistan)

Program: Realizing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Education. Education on health issues for specific societal groups, either in the form of projects (set of tasks for a certain group over a fixed period of time), events (something notable that happens) or conferences (form meeting about ideas related to a particular topic, usually over several days).

General description:

IFMSA Pakistan AIMC- LC plans to conduct an activity to raise awareness about Cervical Cancer and PCOS. The activity will comprise of three parts, a Workshop for the Team members, Awareness Sessions to highlight the Signs and Symptoms, Complications, Treatment, Prevention, and precautions related to above mentioned Diseases, and a Fun Activity to leave an ever-lasting impact on the minds of targeted students. Specific questionnaires will be used to evaluate the activity as discussed in detail above. No significant hazards or risk factors to IFMSA members are involved. Promotion of the activity will be done through IFMSA Pakistan AIMC-LC Facebook pages, Twitter, Snapchat accounts and other social media outlets.

Focus area:

Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Problem statement:

The activity will mainly focus on Cervical Cancer and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Activity tends to educate target population about the early detection of PCOS. It also address the need for proper screening & awareness regarding cervical cancer. PCOS is one of the most common cause of Women infertility affecting 1 out of every 10 women.The prevalence of Cervical Cancer has risen in Pakistan where almost 20 women fall victim to cervical cancer daily.

Target groups:

General population


General population

Objectives and indicators of success:

“>To create awareness about the importance of Cervical Cancer and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and addressing the stigma related to infertility.

Questionnaires will be distributed before and after the activity specifically designed to distinguish the knowledge originally present before the sessions and new information gained after the activity.

>To educate about the early signs and symptoms of Cervical Cancer and PCOS.

Activity has been formulated in such a way that we will be able to perceive the degree of impact on the minds of students about above mentioned aetiologies. Target population will have the knowledge about early signs and symptoms of Cervical Cancer and PCOS

>To nurture the minds of targeted students about the diagnostic criteria of the above Pathologies.

After the activity, Female students will be able to self-analyse themselves. Its success will be reflected from the statistical data collected after the analysis of Pre and Post Evaluation forms.

>To provide information regarding the Treatment and Prevention of the diseases

Its success will be indicated from the analysis of evaluation forms and Quiz session after the activity.


The activity is divided into three parts;

1- Workshop for the Team Members

2- Awareness sessions including Pre and Post Evaluation

3- Fun Activity to reach our Objectives and Goal more effectively

>First part involves the Capacity Building of the Team members, who will present in Punjab College, through a workshop planned on 26th January 2019.

> Teams will be sent to Punjab College Campus 10 targeting 12 Sections of the Higher Secondary level students (15 to 18 years of age). Each team, comprising of at least 3 members will target the class of 55-60 students approximately

>Fun Activity: One student will be selected from each section based on Rapid-Fire Competitions. All the selected individuals will be then divided into 4 teams who will compete to win the Fun Activity.This fun activity will help to leave an ever-lasting impact in the minds of students in an interesting way.

Plans for evaluation:

At all times teachers will be present to maintain the decorum of the class room. The President IFMSA Pakistan AIMC- LC along with the members of Executive Board will be present to monitor the effective implementation of the activity.

Pre-Activity Evaluation forms will be distributed to check the prior knowledge of students about Cervical Cancer and PCOS. Teams will then conduct the activity according to workshop plan (including information regarding Cervical Cancer and PCOS, Signs and Symptoms, Complications, Treatment, Prevention and Precautions). Afterwards, Post-Activity Evaluation forms will be distributed and solved by the students. Analysis of these forms will reflect what students have gained from the activity.

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