Research Camp – MedSCO-Oman

Name of the activity: Research Camp

Country/NMO: MedSCO-Oman

Program: Teaching Medical Skills

Contact information: contact [email protected] to get in touch with the Activity Coordinator

Type of the activity: Replicating Activity

Category: Capacity Building

Focus area: Research basics for medical practitioners

Sustainable Development Goals addressed: GOAL 4: QUALITY EDUCATION

General description:

Conducting a research workshop to present research protocols to students and new members of the Student Research Exchange Committee. The workshop will consist of several research-related sessions. For example, data analysis and scientific writing. The aim of this workshop is to give the participants an opportunity to explore the world of scientific research, which will have an important role in overcoming many difficulties when students conduct their scientific research.

Problem statement:

The research camp activity was to familiarize medical students with the essentials of research to exhibit how crucial the research field is to the medical field. In addition, the activity was used as a gateway for the students to know more about the opportunities provided by the committee such as research exchange that offers the chance for students to get hand-to-hand experience with students and certified doctors

Target groups:

Medical students, Healthcare Students


Medical students, Healthcare Students, Doctors


* Incorporate practical sessions in which junior students can get experience before conducting the research in their academic plan.
* Invite certified doctors with a fond background in research to elucidate the importance of conducting research in general.
* To make as many students as possible fond of being part of the research exchange committee.

Indicators of Success:

* The students will overall perform better in their academic courses related to research protocols.
* The event is attended by a higher number of participants, the attendance did not exceed 120 students at first, and with a certified doctor, the participation would overall increase.
* Higher number of students enrolling in the research exchange program.


These objectives can be easily arranged by coordinating with the relevant parties to integrate the desired changes in the activity, for example, coordinate with the VPCB to design a practical session in which the students could utilize the necessary research skills in an arranged and beginner-friendly manner. The actions that make up the activity are the sharing of knowledge from seniors about the fundamentals of research, several stations were positioned each covering an aspect of research.
The overview: The preparations for the event started 2/3 weeks prior to the event. I divided the OC into groups each affiliated with a task in organizing the activity: Logistics, scientific content team, Media team, and organizing team. The financials were overall covered by the college administration.for risk management, the work was divided into groups and each group had a head that oversaw the work. If a group fails to carry out a task, it can be delegated to the other groups.

Plans for evaluation:

The evaluations of this event can be tricky, but the interest in research developed by the attendees can be seen if they’ve decided to enroll in the research exchange program, a pre and post-evaluation form captures what kind of experience the students gained after attending the activity and the overall impact of it. In addition, a higher tendency of students to attend SCORE/SCOPE-related events indicates the growth of interest in the students.

External collaborations:

We tried contacting sponsors for the event, but we couldn’t find any partners befitting the activity. Therefore,

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