What is the Evaluation Forms Statistics?

Have you ever been wondering what the results of the Evaluation Forms are? How much impact our exchanges have on our students?

Every year, more than 14.000 of medical students go on exchange with IFMSA in more than 90 countries, either on a Professional or on a Research exchange. At the end of their exchange, we require from them to fill the Evaluation Form online in order to get the Exchange Certificate.

These are the results of the several questions asked to the students. This page is public and available for everyone, and it is possible to filter these answers per season.
While looking at the numbers, you may notice that the numbers are different from a question to another. That is only because some questions were only accessible if some questions were answered by Yes or No. Additionally, some questions had multiple options answers.

What is the Student Reports Database?

Are you interested in going on exchange to a specific country, but you are not sure about your choice? Would the experience of former exchange students help you in your decision?

At the end of the exchange, many students write a report to describe the amazing experience they had. You have been sharing with us these reports for the past months and we have also been collecting them from the previous MSIs (Medical Student International – IFMSA bi-annual Magazine).

This is a collection of all the reports, it is public and it allows all students from all around the world to read them, which for sure would be a good motivation to choose their country of exchange.
You can filter these reports per Sending and Hosting Organizations, per Sending and Hosting Local Committee, per Department, and even per Month and Year.
We are aware that there are not many reports uploaded so far, but we are constantly adding more. To read the reports, you need to click on the name of the student.