Regional Activities



Besides the international activities, there will be some special activities designed for your region and to be developed together with your coordinator.

For the Regional Activities, send all contributions by 16th September, 2017 23:59 GMT, to [email protected] or to any of the Coordinators’ emails!



Photo campaign: What Peace Means To Me

The African region is going to be celebrating the International Day of Peace by doing a photo campaign titled “What Peace Means To Me”. African SCORPions are hereby invited to submit a photo with a one sentence caption that starts with “Peace means…”

The photos will be collated to make a collage which will be submitted as our regional activity! You can find the result here.

Coordinator: Elizabeth Peters, RA Africa – [email protected]



Americas united for Peace

The idea is to create a message (to be defined) with members of different countries of America. We will send to the different NORPs a part of the message that they will say and share with us. The final product will be a video, where the participants would say a part of the message that we intend to share about Peace Day.

We also ask you to take a picture of the part of the message assigned to you (and add the #IFMSAforPeace Hashtag in it) and send it to us. Together with the video with the spelling of the message, we will have all the parts to compose the message of Peace.

You can find the Photo Collage here.

Coordinators: Juan Pablo Carrión and Laura Duque [SWG Members] – [email protected]  



Activities during APRM!

Since the Asia Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM) is taking place just around the International Peace Day, we will do some activities together during the event in Tokyo, Japan! If you are not attending the APRM but are still eager to contribute to the campaign, we kindly refer you to the international activities outlined on this website. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!  

Coordinators: Jessica Zhang, SCORP Director – [email protected]



Video: EMR for Peace

Living in the times where everyday we come across news about war, disasters, calamities; what keeps us alive is the hope, striving for Peace in any and every situation. On the occasion of International Peace Day 2017 and under the Regional activity for East Mediterranean Region, ‘EMR for Peace’ aims to highlight how, despite the ever existing chaos and disorganisation, PEACE prevails and shall prevail, forever, even amidst war. We are therefore inviting SCORPions from the EMR to contribute with videos which focus on hope, showing how the General Population finds Peace in their daily life, as well as videos about the current situation in your country, and how you can achieve Peace when conflict is all you see around you.

How to do it?

  • Be/Find an interviewee.
  • Explain: what is IFMSA and SCORP, this campaign, the purpose of video, how the video will be used (several videos, processing, sharing on social media), that they can participate with or without their names and faces.
  • Ask for Informed Consent. Make sure the person understands how the video will be used and is comfortable with it, don’t try to convince them.
  • A cell phone is fine, of course the better quality the better (preferably HD).
  • Film in landscape (suggested, not compulsory).
  • Find a silent and private place.
  • Film in a way, the interviewee finds comfortable.
  • After filming, let the interviewee watch and approve the video.
  • The interview can be done in any language, however it should be submitted with subtitles in English if filmed in language other than English.

Coordinators: Rujvee Patel [SWG Member] – [email protected] 



What does Peace mean to you?

The activity will promote the theme of Peace on SCORP social media. Members will be asked to respond to the question “What does Peace mean to you and to your country/ the European region?” They will be asked to send in videos, photos and captions or any other medium that they would like to use to respond. This activity will serve to draw awareness to the theme of peace, and to highlight International Peace Day. It will also allow engaged persons to develop a better understanding of what Peace means to people world over.

Coordinators: Idil Kina and Jessica Lee [SWG Members] – [email protected]  

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