PUBERTAS (Perr Education about HIV/AIDS Awareness with SCORA CIMSA UNAIR) – Indonesia (CIMSA-ISMKI)

Name of the activity: PUBERTAS (Perr Education about HIV/AIDS Awareness with SCORA CIMSA UNAIR)

Country/NMO: Indonesia (CIMSA-ISMKI)

Program: HIV/AIDS & Other STIs


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Education


General description:

Puberty (Peer Education about HIV awareness with SCORA CIMSA UNAIR) is a Community development held by SCORA CIMSA UNAIR which aims to improve knowledge of the youth club of Kedungdoro village on reproductive health and HIV / AIDS within 1 year. The method is done by providing material from experts, talk shows, and providing free VCT facility.

Focus area:

Prevention of all STIs or are specific STIs, STI testing, Removing stigmatization and empowering people living with HIV, Raising awareness among the general public about STIs

Problem statement:

Based on data from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia in the Report on the Development of HIV-AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases year 2017, obtained the results of sufficient development significant in the number of HIV-AIDS infections throughout Indonesia. In East Java region itself, there has been a decrease in the number of HIV/AIDS infections
in each year. However, if we paid attention in 2017 although fewer than the previous year, there remain 1,614 infections
HIV-AIDS scattered in various cities of East Java and the numbers including very high when compared with the others province. East Java province is the Ten Provinces
with the highest number of AIDS in early 2017. Regions at
Surabaya which has the number of HIV infection (+) based
the classification of the highest risk groups was Dr.
Soetomo, Puskesmas Putat Jaya Surabaya, and Puskesmas
Kedungdoro (the highest 3).

Selection of Kelurahan Kedungdoro based on data Ministry of Health RI, Report on the Development of HIV-AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases year 2017 which states that Kedungdoro Health Center is one of 3 Puskesmas with the number of cases
highest in Surabaya. We decided to choose Puskesmas
Kedungdoro because in addition to close to FK UNAIR, on official data above was obtained from the number of 111 people who test HIV, 8 of them declared positive in early 2017.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

The target group we are going to is the youth club in Kedungdoro Village. We chose this group because in adolescence it is vulnerable to be associated with promiscuity. In addition to that, we feel with the youth of cadets who understand about HIV / AIDS and become peer educator able to educate the friends around him.

Objectives and indicators of success:

Increasing community awareness of Kedungdoro village in the business improve knowledge about reproductive health and HIV / AIDS within 1 Year


In achieving all objectives, we have several series of events. The series of events is divided into 3 parts namely Pre-event, Main Event, and Post-Event. Pre-event is an upgrading event from PETRA CIMSA UNAIR. The purpose of this pre-event is to refresh and update their knowledge related to HIV / AIDS and peer education. Then proceed with the Main-Event which is divided into 2 parts, namely bonding and providing material from experts. Bonding is an event for the cadets and CIMSA UNAIR to be open to each other. Activities performed are games and roleplay related to warm issues related to HIV / AIDS. In delivering materials related to peer education, VCT, and about HIV/AIDS, we are working with PETRA CIMSA UNAIR and also CIMSA UNAIR Alumni. Along with the celebration of World AIDS Day, held talk show with PLWHA and doctors from Dr. Soetomo. In addition, also provided facilities for free VCT.

Plans for evaluation:

To evaluate the output of this activity, we used the pre-test and post-test methods as a benchmark of knowledge from the youth club of Kedungdoro Village. In addition, to follow-up, we use a mighty control card

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