Project “Dynamite”: Training New Trainers (TNT) – San Cristóbal, Venezuela. 2018 – Venezuela (FEVESOCEM)

Name of the activity: Project “Dynamite”: Training New Trainers (TNT) – San Cristóbal, Venezuela. 2018

Country/NMO: Venezuela (FEVESOCEM)

Program: Medical Education Systems


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Capacity Building (Training or Workshop)


General description:

As is well known, capacity building is the fundamental pillar of the IFMSA, because it seeks to empower students of health sciences in a variety of topics that are often excluded from the curriculum of medical schools. .
With these activities we aim to direct the efforts of our participants towards the right direction, focusing our activities to the development of communicative and motivational abilities, group work, intercultural learning, and many others.
The fundamental objective is to train students from Venezuela and America, so that they can be spokespersons for this important message within their communities and societies, sothat this event serves as a replica of an informal education that can be carried out in different areas and spaces, to finally enriche our environment and with it, the world in which we live.

Focus area:

Students’ involvement in medical education | Evaluation and Assessment

Problem statement:

The training of the members of each of the NMOs that make up the IFMSA should not be taken as an additional element in professional training, or as an adornment, but rather as an element that prevails within their evolution as future leaders of the health system.
To provide tools for our members to develop and get empowered is the cornerstone in the FEVESOCEM Capacity Building Division, and also we are aware that Trainings are not just useful, they are a tremendous toll of capacity building and internal development, and those gears are part of the ones missing in our NMO.
We recognize, as well, that this is something that should involve all the people in the federation, that is why we are humbly sending this proposal, to have this international event here and be able to improve our NMO, and lead our trainers into a greater future among their LCs.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

The target group will be all the medical students members of the FEVESOCEM or another NMOs belonging to Americas Region.

Objectives and indicators of success:

Objectives: Train medical students to be a part of the Capacity Building Division. Increase the number of trainers of FEVESOCEM and the America´s Region. Empower our students and guide them through the process of development of their abilities and capacities
Provide the participants with trainings on different topics, all based on non-formal education. Involve and prepare the participants to be able to intervene directly in the problems presented in the NMO and their medicine schools. For the participants to be able to facilitate these issues to others on their local committee. Let the participants be more empathetic with those around them. Provide more experience to the facilitators and prepare them to guide problem solving debates. Provide participants with the confidence to develop and express themselves in their community. Development in the communication of ideas and planning. Recognize the issues or situations in which they need to improve, and set a new line of thoughts that will boost them to work on these matters, constantly evaluate themselves and be aware of their progress. Personal growth in the fields of socialization and communication. Success Indicators: During the National Meeting we will have the opportunity to observe the development as a trainer of the TNT participants and the progression of TNT participants in problem solving.Facilitators will respond to the evaluation form with the complete feedback from themselves and others facilitators before and after the event. Participants will write their expectations regarding the TNT and TNT facilitators, and a full feedback to assess their own performance and of the others facilitators at the end of the TNT.


Through a 3-days meeting, we intend to distribute 24 hours of training focused on the training of medical students on a variety of topics within the classification of non-formal education, in order to guide them in the discovery and strengthening of communication techniques, motivation, teambuilding, procedures and strategies to create a presentation correctly, the distinction between motivation and facilitation, improvisation, management of time and resources, how to be a good coach and how to achieve the creation of an appropriate agenda the target group of their future events and group dynamics.
After de arrival of the trainers and participants on day 1, the activities will be distributed as follows: DAY 2: Session 1: Introduction about FEVESOCEM, IFMSA. • Session 2: Intercultural Learning • Session 3: Communication • Session 4: Motivation • Session 5: Team building. DAY 3: • Session 6: Group dynamics • Session 7: Leadership • Session 8: Time management • Session 9: Improvisation • Session 10: Presentation skill. DAY 4: • Session 11: Feedback and evaluation • Session 12: How to train • Trainers (Workshops) • Graduation ceremony.

Plans for evaluation:

Throughout the workshop, participants will be evaluated by official´s IFMSA formats; which will be previously requested to the RA of Capacity Building.
Each trainer will be assigned to a facilitator for his evaluation, who will also work with the officials and is supposed to submit the results of the evaluation one week after the end of the TNT.
The facilitators will send their scores to CPDD, who will contact the RA of Capacity Building for the validation and accreditation of the future officials.
Upon graduation, the coaches will receive a survival kit that includes: FEVESOCEM´s Bylaw, Training Manual of the Support Division, access to the Google Drive, including a document that specifies how to develop training material.
– Medium term: Every eight weeks, we will contact with the New Trainers to get feedback on their progress, and to motivate them to make training sessions on their respective LCs.

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