Program Coordinator: Maria Shaldina

Contact Us: [email protected]

Although medical education should provide each aspiring physician with appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitudes for independent work right after graduation, in reality, there is often a gap. Often students do not have enough opportunities for clinical practice or are taught using outdated methods, while some other skills that are necessary for everyday work are assumed to be learned spontaneously.

Therefore, the aim of the IFMSA Program on Teaching Medical Skills is to work on following: analyzing of current situation in medical schools, assess the quality and needs of medical students; providing learning opportunities through educational activities, such as competency-based trainings and workshops with academic quality ensured, and to advocate with the faculties to provide support, non-formal education recognition, and work towards integration of well-structured competency-based programs in curricula. Contributing to the creation of competent and confident doctors we directly assure that the best possible care is provided to the ones who mostly depend on us and our competences our patients.

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