Program Coordinator: José Alonso Cambronero Rodríguez

Contact Us: [email protected]

This program is born from the need to tackle issues related to HIV, AIDS and other STI’s (Sexually Transmitting Infections) which have proven to be a major public health problem leading sometimes to violations of human rights. The current situation related to the lack of information and access to health assistance, stigma and discrimination on HIV, AIDS and STI’s does not only affect the general population, but also future healthcare professionals. The latter are an important step in the improvement of health in general, which makes it important to also cater to them if we want to make a real change. Based on this, the ultimate goal of this program consists, at a general level, on improving health care attention to those living with HIV, AIDS or with any other STI and reducing stigma and discrimination by raising awareness and educating.

The subsequent objectives are mostly focused on future healthcare professionals, the affected population, and the general public. Through advocacy, sharing of knowledge and capacity building this program will work on raising awareness and providing skills on ways of transmission, prevention, and testing and also on how to avoid and fight stigma and discrimination against PLWHA (People living with HIV and AIDS) and with other STI’s. Secondly, providing useful training and information in order to assure that current and future health providers will deliver appropriate medical attention and follow-up to PLWHA or other STI’s. Thirdly, empowering PLWHA other STI’s and preventing them from becoming passive targets of the HIV, AIDS and other STI’s response. Last but not least, advocating on these issues aiming to change how the healthcare system is currently set, towards one that is more comprehensive, stigma-free and nonjudgemental.

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