Program Coordinator: Juliette Mattijsen

Medical ethics and human rights are guiding values for medical practitioners. Together they ensure a patient-centered approach, where the needs and rights of the patients are of the greatest importance. Future health care personnel must be competent in the medical ethics that govern her or his practice and understand how international frameworks such as the Declaration of Human Rights are set to safeguard our inalienable human rights.Contact us: [email protected]

As future healthcare personnel, medical students must feel confident to take ethically sound decisions and to advocate for their patients in all settings. Students, therefore, need to have a basic understanding of the roles, rights, and responsibilities that come with a medical mission and how these rules apply during threat and ethically challenging situations.

The aim of Ethics and Human Rights in health program is to ensure that medical students as future physicians are able to question their professional behavior and decision-making and answer by ethical and human rights ?principles regardless of the situation. By understanding the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law and ethical codes they are able to carry out a correct interprofessional cooperation and are skilled in advocating for the rights of their patient, themselves and their colleagues.

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