Program Coordinator: Miloš Stojanovć

Contact Us: [email protected]

The IFMSA Environment and Health Program is proposed to encourage medical students to be active in minimizing the health effects of environmental damage and to recognize that caring for our natural environment plays a major role in improving the health of populations. As future medical professionals who will be managing the health effects of these environmental issues, we have the responsibility to advocate for mitigation and adaptation strategies and prepare ourselves for changing patterns of disease. The ultimate desired outcomes are to achieve a state where communities worldwide exist in an environmentally sustainable manner where health is not compromised by climate change and other environmental issues. The assumptions are that medical students are effective advocates on the links between the environment and health and once educated on these links, medical students, health professionals, organizations, universities, communities, and governments will be motivated and empowered to take the necessary action on these issues. Intermediate goals include the establishment of a national and international environment and health training for medical students, the establishment of groups active on environment and health and the establishment of specific projects and campaigns. Interventions include political advocacy campaigns, healthy investment campaigns, the inclusion of environment and health in medical curricula, research relating to health and the environment and engagement and awareness raising events.

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