The IFMSA Program Coordinators lead the work organized under the relevant IFMSA Program by working with National Member Organizations and the IFMSA Team of Officials in enrolling activities, gathering evaluation data and measuring the impact of the Federation as a whole. Furthermore, the Program Coordinators work on developing the Capacity of our Member Organizations in the specific field of their work.

Program Coordinators are individuals appointed by the IFMSA Executive Board with the participation of the IFMSA Team of Officials for one term. Their major responsibilities include

(1) educating members of NMOs on how to enroll their Activities under Programs; (2) enabling and facilitating communication between similar activities and NMOs, (3) organizing international capacity building activities with the support of NMOs and the IFMSA Team of Officials, (4) working with relevant Standing Committee Director and Liaison Officer on creating new opportunities, all with the aim of achieving the goal and objectives of the Program and (5) measuring the Impact of NMOs Activities enrolled under the Program by creating the Program Impact Report.


Program Coordinators for the Term of 2017-2018

ProgramProgram CoordinatorNMOEmail Address
Children Health and RigthsErva Nur CinarTurkMSIC Turkey[email protected]
Communicable DisaesesNatasha IrfanIFMSA Pakistan[email protected]
Comprehensive Sexuality EducationLisa SchulteAMSA Austria[email protected]
Dignified and Non-Discriminatory Health CareJohn Etietop EbongNiMSA Nigeria[email protected]
Emergencies, Disaster Risk and Humanitarian ActionsIsabel Jimenez CampsIFMSA Spain[email protected]
Environment and HealthAlQasim AbdullahMedSIN-Sudan[email protected]
Ethics and Human Rights in HealthMary Adaeze ObiNiMSA Nigeria[email protected]
Gender-Based ViolenceAhmed SalehIFMSA Egypt[email protected]
Health SystemsChristina KefalidiHelMSIC Greece[email protected]
Healthy Lifestyles and Noncommunicable DisaesesPetra LovrakCroMSIC Croatia[email protected]
HIV/AIDS and other STIsModupeoluwa Victoria OjelabiNiMSa Nigeria[email protected]
Maternal Health and Access to Safe AbortionHelena QianAMSA Australia[email protected]
Medical Education SystemsAleksandar Veselinov FarfarovAMSB Bulgaria[email protected]
Mental HealthAyesha IrfanIFMSA Pakistan[email protected]
Organ, Marrow and Tissue DonationSaad UakkasIFMSA Morocco[email protected]
Sexuality and Gender IdentityShashi BhushanMSAI India[email protected]
Teching Medical SkillsXimena MejiaAEMPPI Ecuador[email protected]

To enroll an Activity in one or more IFMSA programs, please contact the relevant Program Coordinator or visit the Programs Section on our website.