PREDICTION or Prevent Diabetes with Action is one of the projects owned by SCOPH MSCIA UB which is carried out to commemorate WDD or World Diabetes Day. This year is the fourth year PREDICTION was held.

PREDICTION itself has 4 days of series which are carried out in the span of time from September to November 2019.

Day 1 of PREDICTION was held on September 16, 2019 at the 2nd floor Biomedical Room FK UB. On this day 1, we conducted a TOT or Training of Trainers for 70 volunteers, where volunteers will get material on communication and diabetes along with its complications, especially diabetic foot. In addition to material, volunteers can also directly practice during SWG sessions where they teach us how to check blood pressure, how to check blood sugar, uric acid, and cholesterol levels, calculate BMI, Patient’s History and also how to screen for diabetic foot.

After we volunteered to provide them with sufficient skills, they immediately jumped into the community in the Celamp Rampal Village in Malang in the Day 2 series which was held on September 30, 2019 at the Minvetcad V / 13 Office, Rampal celaket. A total of 103 people came to do the free inspection. Not only at the Minvetcad Office, we also toured the village of Rampal Celaket to provide free inspection services and education about diabetes to the homes of local residents. Our series of activities continued on Day 3 which was held on October 20, 2019 at the same place, namely at the Office of Minvetcad V / 13, Rampal Celaket.

On Day 3, we opened the program with diabetes exercises along with cadres and residents of Rampal Celaket. Then the program continued with giving material to residents of Rampal Celaket about diabetes and its complications and making SWG together with volunteers, where the volunteers would teach residents about how to do check blood pressure, check their own blood sugar levels, and also screening diabetic foot. Besides that, we will also hold a yell contest for the volunteers and the winners of the yells will be used during the long march on Day 4 or the celebration of WDD later. The volunteers seemed very enthusiastic and competitive in this race. Between days 3 and 4 we also broadcast radio about diabetes and PREDICTION in Kalimaya Baskhara on November 13, 2019. Also broadcasting NOME (News of Medical Education) from SCOME on Diabetes.

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Day 4 is the last series in PREDICTION as well as being a celebration for World Diabetes Day. Day 4 was held on November 18, 2019 and took place at Ijen Malang CFD. On Day 4 we opened a healthy tent for free health checks and consultation with professional doctors for 200 citizens of malang city. In addition, we also conduct a PMC for the assessment of this diabetes. Along with the free examination, we held a good food dispensing competition for diabetics, for this, we collaborated with Persagi. In addition, we also held a long march and a ground campaign to increase Malang people’s awareness about diabetes. To further attract the attention of citizens, we also provide a WDD 2019 photo booth to help spread the campaign via their private social media.

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