Name of the activity: POKEMON

Country/NMO: Indonesia (CIMSA-ISMKI)

Program: Children Health & Rights


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Education


General description:

Health Goverment of East Java (Dinkes Provinsi Jawa Timur, Indonesia) stated that in East Java province, 1,8% children had malnutrition (10% of total population). Regarding this fact, CIMSA UNEJ built POKEMON in SDN V Karangrejo to stop the growing of the problem. The program consist of educating and playing games, and also forming ‘little nutritionist’ group consists of some students from 4th and 5th grade. The evaluation will be done in paper-based question, follow-up every month, and evaluate the ‘little nutritionist’ through quiz and special doorprize.

Focus area:

Children & healthy habits (physical activity, healthy eating, hygiene, etc)

Problem statement:

FAO said, approximately 1/8 people worldwide suffered from malnutrition. 70% was found in children in Asia, 26% in Africa, while the other 4% was found in South America and Caribia. Beside, in 2015, Health Goverment of East Java (Dinkes Provinsi Jawa Timur, Indonesia) stated that in East Java province, 1,8% children had malnutrition. It was approximately 3,747 million or 10% amount of the total population. Thus, POKEMON is focused on managing malnutrition and eating habits in Jember, East Java.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Our target group is all members in SDN V Karangrejo community, including students, teachers, and canteen workers. Also, we try to reach the students’ parents to join our program so our program would have stronger foundation.

Objectives and indicators of success:

Increasing knowledge about nutrition and repairing habits of eating to 50% of students in SDN V Karangrejo in 2 years.


– Educating all students in all classes about nutrition and habits of eating, based on Proportional Nutrition Guideline (Panduan Gizi Seimbang) published by KEMENKES (Health Goverment of Indonesia)
– Playing educational games in group
– Forming ‘little nutritionist’ consists of some students from 4th and 5th grade in SDN V Karangrejo to remain the system running in school.
– Reaching out the students’ parents to control the nutrition given to the students.
– Reaching out all the stakeholders in school (teachers, head teacher, canteen workers, school guardian) to keep the program running

Plans for evaluation:

– Give paper Based evaluation to all students to survey the knowledge
– Follow-up every month to survey the habits of eating
– Quiz For little nutritionist

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