Name of the activity: PANDA LABORATORY!!!

Country/NMO: Venezuela (FEVESOCEM)

Program: Teaching Medical Skills

Contact information: [email protected] / +584129400210

Type of the activity: Capacity Building (Training or Workshop). Teaching and develop knowledge, skills and techniques in a particular field. While training can have any form, workshops are more formal and also include exchange of information between participants.

General description:

Realization of a study material in PDF format by the NOME with the collaboration of the Local Officials, a paraclinical will be assigned to each LOME (Hematology, Blood Chemistry, Serum Electrolytes, Urine Test, Stool Test, LCR Study) which will capture the information researched in a format facilitated by the National Officer, after having all the information, the study material will be created and edited, which will be distributed to the Federation and to the different local societies, by means of the publication of the link of discharge.

The publication of the material will be done through the use of advertising images that contain the download link and with the support of the following tags: #WhichOneYouChoose #GoingForTheBasic

Focus area:

Diagnostic tests interpretation

Problem statement:

There are multiple laboratory tests through samples of any body fluid that can guide about the etiology and severity of the pathology, it is essential to establish the importance of the orientation of the diagnostic tests, towards a clinical suspicion based on the anamnesis and the exploration, that will base its interpretation. Likewise, it is necessary to interpret and analyze, in a detailed manner, the results obtained, trying to extract all available information from the tests requested.

Target groups:

Medical students


Medical students

Objectives and indicators of success:

– General Objective: Prepare a downloadable study material accessible to medical students on the interpretation of results of the various paraclinical exams requested in medical practice.

– Specific Objectives:

o Determine and know the general considerations of each paraclinical at the time of requesting it.

o Recognize the reference intervals or normality ranges according to the age groups of each paraclinical requested.

o Interpret the findings found in the requested paraclinics that are outside the reference values.

o Correlate the pathological findings of the paraclinical exams with the clinic and the physical examination of the patient to arrive at the diagnosis of the same.

– Success Indicators:

o Quantity of paraclinics that will appear in the downloadable study material.

o Realization and Design of the study material.

o Degree of dissemination and acceptance of the downloadable material.

o Publication and number of downloads of study material.

o Level of knowledge acquired by medical students and by the general public.

o Reception of the material by the medical students of the country.


– Establish the problem, the objectives to be addressed, the specific issues which should be developed and the group of beneficiaries.

– Search and successive revision of the information that will appear in the educational material, with its respective bibliographic reference.

– Development of the advertising flyer of the activity “PANDA LABORATORY!!!”.

– Realization and revision of informative material prepared by the local officials that will be used for the realization of the downloadable material.

– Realization and design of downloadable educational material in PDF format.

– Publication in the social networks of FEVESOCEM and of the local societies the download link of the eductive material in PDF format.

Plans for evaluation:

The monitoring of the activity carried out by the LOME according to what is established in the guidelines that were sent to each one of them, will be done through consecutive revisions of the informative material that will be reflected in the study material, in order that a feedback and be directed to the local official for the development of the activity, after that the evaluation of the activity will be done through the physical and graphic evidence (study material, publicity, degree of acceptance) of the material made by SCOME.

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