The membership structure of IFMSA is based on the concept of a Federation. The members are national medical students organizations. IFMSA currently has 136 Organizations (NMOs) from 126 countries and areas.

Our members are independent organizations that abide by the regulations of the Federation, of which the most important is that they have an open membership for all medical students from that country.

IFMSA creates an impact on the local level through the medical students that are part of the NMOs and work on activities, projects, and campaigns that align with the international strategy set through IFMSA Programs and work within specific fields called Standing Committees. Just like many international organizations, IFMSA works in regions. The five regions are Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, Eastern Mediterranean Region and Europe. This regional division fosters the outreach of the organization and increases collaboration amongst the NMOs, at the same time that promotes the representation of the federation within regional entities.

With the current number of Organizations IFMSA represents over one million medical students worldwide. The figures indicate that IFMSA is the biggest international medical students organizations and therefore IFMSA is recognized as the voice of medical students by many international organizations, such as the WHO.

IFMSA allows its Members to create an impact on the local level regarding many global health topics through carrying out activities. IFMSA can provide the tools and experience when it comes to the creation of these activities. Also, IFMSA has an exchange program that allows medical students to do an exchange in a country where an NMO is active, that can be either professional or research exchange. Furthermore, NMOs can participate in internal meetings, during which many workshops are held to build capacities of the attendees. NMOs can partake in external meetings and bring back home, to the students they represent, a lot of benefits, and to be their voice to global stakeholders through IFMSA. Lastly, IFMSA is a platform for NMOs to exchange experiences and share ideas.

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