IFMSA has a long history of empowering medical students into growing up as young physicians and health professionals understanding the social, cultural and environmental aspects of health. Our alumni network is of great value for the Federation, and IFMSA believes in the spirit of giving back to the community that forged minds and working ethics.

Not only are Alumni supporting the young generation with sound advice, capacity building and assistance when needed, but in 2010 the Professor Erik Holst funds (originally named Alumni Jubilee Fund until 2013) was established.

The former Alumni Jubilee Fund, now named after the first elected president of the IFMSA, is for one supporting Delegates with Travel Assistance to join General Assemblies in the spirit that the enriching world of the IFMSA should not be limited for anyone financially and also issuing Micro Grants. The latter are giving to local Chapters of National Member Organizations and supporting them in innovative, sustainable activities with considerable impact. More information about the Fund and how to apply can be found on the website here:

An annual meeting of the alumni is held each year in parallel to one of our general assemblies during which alumni have the chance to catch up on the IFMSA, give their input on the current issues and – very importantly – meet old friends.

If you are an IFMSA Alumni, you can sign up to our database here.