Organ Donation Awareness – Guatemala (IFMSA-Guatemala)

Name of the activity: Organ Donation Awareness

Country/NMO: Guatemala (IFMSA-Guatemala)

Program: Organ, Marrow & Tissue Donation


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Campaign


Focus area:

Organ donation

Problem statement:

Guatemala is a country with many cultural differences and religions that are not always in favor of organ donation, it´s important do campaigns and work to educate our population to change our current situation.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Our main target groups are Guatemalan medical students and our general Guatemalan population since both parties will benefit from this. Students will learn more about the process of organ donation and educating our population in to being an organ donor can save more lives in our country.

Objectives and indicators of success:

Our main objective is for our medical students and general population to learn more about the benefits of being an organ donor, and make this subject known to our country since it’s been a topic that hasn’t been dealt with yet.


Our campaign consists of medical students and professionals giving medical knowledge or important facts about organ donation so that people can show interest in learning about this subject. We are working through our social media nationally, and our signature image is drawing an organ on our hand and taking a picture in representation that we are in favor of organ donation. This help getting students involved and it makes the campaign more attractive for people to see on of Instagram and Facebook NMO pages.

Plans for evaluation:

We are evaluating this project by asking people who have viewed our videos if the like the video or if they learned something. Also analyzing how many people we reached with the video or the impact that we have created nationally. So far, we consider that the activity has been a success since we have received positive feedback and interest in students that want to learn more about organ donation.

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