Open your eyes – Ecuador (AEMPPI)

Name of the activity: Open your eyes

Country/NMO: Ecuador (AEMPPI)

Program: Gender Based Violence


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Campaign


General description:

The project seeks to combat gender based violence and sexual abuse through an awareness campaign. 11 OLs will participate, with approximately 40 registered participants per city.
The project consists of 3 phases.
The first phase will last a week and consists of a media campaign through the social networks of AEMPPI-Ecuador, for which the LORA of each OL will make a poster about gender based violence that will be published a week before the symposium.
The second phase will last 3 hours and consists of a symposium about gender based violence aimed at medical students in which 3 professionals will participate as speakers: psychologist, psychiatrist and forensic doctor; There will also be videos of testimonies of victims of gender based violence and a forum about the video.
The third phase will last 4 hours and consists of a campaign directed to the community in public spaces attended in each city, in which participants with make-up with bruises will provide triptychs to passers-by in order to transmit the theoretical framework of our activity with statistical data of gender violence to create greater impact. There will also be a social experiment which will be filmed and subsequently published on social networks of AEMPPI. For the social experiment, a booth will be created in which videos of testimonies of gender based violence will be screened and subsequently people will be interviewed about their opinion regarding the testimonies and this topic.
The project will have an approximate value of $ 5.00 per participant.

Focus area:

Physical, sexual and psychological violence

Problem statement:

Gender violence is one of the most marked problems in Ecuador. Gender-based violence or sexual violence constitutes the violation of women’s human rights. It is about any type of violence exerted on women in which there is physical, sexual or psychological damage, among which are threats or coercion of liberty.

Today, one in four women have suffered sexual abuse. Six out of ten women have suffered violence at some point in their lives. Another major problem in Ecuador is sexual and child violence, where in 2014 there were 271 reports of sexual offenses in educational institutions. According to data from the State Attorney General’s Office, 6 out of 10 victims of violence correspond to children and adolescents, 80% of the cases victims are women, reaching the conclusion that girls and adolescents under 14 are considered as the main victims of sexual violence in the country. It is also important to emphasize that 25.7% of women who have been victims of sexual violence have been attacked before 18 years of age. According to figures from the INEC’s Vital Statistics Yearbook, 1950 girls became pregnant in 2014. Among some of the main causes related to pregnancy in adolescents in Ecuador, sexual abuse is recognized. We believe that through AEMPPI we could be agents of change through a massive campaign that educates what is violence, types of violence, how it can be eradicated and where to go in case of being a victim, so that victims can open their eyes and his voice heard, and doctors know how to approach victims of gender and sexual violence

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Target groups: Medical students of AEMPPI-Ecuador
Beneficiaries: Victims of gender based violence

Objectives and indicators of success:

* Train 150 medical students about gender violence through a 3-hour symposium and a media campaign.
– Indicator: An evaluation will be made on the topics of the symposium before the project. The indicator will be improved note of this evaluation.

* Train 150 medical students how to approach a patient victim of this type of violence through a 3-hour symposium and a 1-week media campaign so that they have the ability to share this knowledge with the community.
– Indicator: Medical students will teach the community the types of violence, and what to do in case of being a victim of violence.


Before the project:
The themes of the posters for the media campaign will be distributed 1 week before the symposium to the LORAs on April 22 through an online meeting.
The exhibitors of the symposium will be contacted until April 24.
An interview of the testimonies will be filmed until April 20.
The request for public spaces and auditoriums will be sent until April 20.
Refreshments will be hired until April 20.
The project poster will be published with the registration link through social networks on April 28. In addition, a questionnaire on the theme of the symposium will be attached to the project’s registration form, so that the knowledge of the participants prior to the symposium can be based on evaluation.
The posters of the media campaign from May 1 to 4 will be published
The project materials will be purchased until May 4.

During the project:
9h00: Welcome to participants
9h05: Psychologist intervention on prevalence, incidence and types of violence
9:45: questions to the teacher
10h00: Psychiatrist intervention on how to approach a victim of gender violence.
10h40: questions to the teacher
10h55: Refreshment
11h10: Videos of testimonies and forum about the video.

9h00: Arrival in public space
9h05: Organization of tents
9h30-12h00: Information point in tents, social experiment and awareness campaign

After the project
Sending a questionnaire on knowledge of gender violence and feedback to the participants one week after the end of the project.
Submission of the final report of the project up to 3 weeks after the last replication of the project.
Sending certificates to participants up to one month after the last replication of the project.

Plans for evaluation:

A questionnaire about the theme of the symposium will be attached to the project’s registration form to have it as a basis of the participants’ knowledge prior to the symposium. After the project another questionnaire will be sent to the participants about the themes exposed in the symposium to evaluate what they learn. The results of both questionnaires will be compared. In addition, in the second questionnaire, questions about the quality of the project will be added.

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