On Your Own | Pakistan (IFMSA-Pakistan)

Name of the activity: On Your Own

Country/NMO: Pakistan (IFMSA-Pakistan)

Program: Children Health and Rights


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Education.


General description:

Taking a stand against unwanted advances and abuse. ” On your Own” is designed to create an environment where people can feel comfortable to share their experiences, where kids are trained with appropriate skills to deal with such situations, where they are trained on how to prevent such situations. Training Parents and teachers so they could support children and guide them. Hence, resulting in a decrease in the number of children being abused.

Focus area:

Children’s rights with emphasis on non-violence

Problem statement:

On average 10 kids are abused in Pakistan everyday, with kidnappings and killings also being common, however, our society still tends to turn a blind eye to this issue.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Children aged (6-9), Parents , teachers. In the long run the community as whole will get benefited from it.

Objectives and indicators of success:

“1.Teach 160 kids at primary schools on how to gaurd themseleves and react in any unpleasent situation by organizing presentations and scenario based activities.
Use the response from different groups of the children on how much they have learned and how they perform in diferent scenarios as an idicator.
2. Teach 160 kids to be comfortable with their teachers and parents.
Use the response from different groups of the children on how much they share things with their teachers, trainers or parents in future as an indicator.
3. Teach 20 teachers on how to deal with students that may have faced abuse.
Use the response from teachers and pre/post questionaaires as an indicator.
4. Give phamphlets and information to the parents of the 160 children so the parents will be aware on how to help their children and guide them regularly.
Use the response from parents and questionairres as an indicator.”


A one day awareness workshop at Unique junior school with 4 different sessions each catering to 50 students. Each session would teach kids about stranger danger, the rules to protect themselves, how to react in any unpleasant situation, how to react afterwards any unpleasant situation. Using hard copy, drawings and activities as well as different cartoons to interact with the children. Using scenarios and stimulation to see how they respond. A separate session with the teachers to teach them how to support kids and look out for signs of abuse. Give pamphlets and brochures to the parents so they could be aware and look out for the children. Use social media to raise awareness about the issue to the society. Use Children Being Safe(CBS) an NGO and visit more schools and advocate on children rights and help the victims of child abuse.

Plans for evaluation:

Using Pre and Post Evaluation questionnaires, and the other indicators of success to award points and use them to see the level of increase in awareness and knowledge.

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