Online Standing Committee Sessions

As we chase the sun, Health leaders from around the world will participate in engaging sessions, share best practices and discuss global health issues from different perspecives.

Inspiring Online Plenary

Be inspired by representatives from our National Members Organizations, and help us discuss, challenge and vote for the future of IFMSA.

Networking and Online Open Space

Imagine the possibilities when you connect with more than 1 thousand students, and health leaders who are shaping the future. Together, through sharing, and providing safe and open space for conversations, we can change the world.

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Together, We for a Healthier World !


Our impact should never stop.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has called COVID-19 “the greatest test that we have faced together since the formation of the United Nations”. This pandemic shaped the modern world and impacted students and their organizations.

This Special Online General Assembly comes to renew IFMSA’s Commitment to serve the Members, and to never stop the efforts to voice the opinions of the young health leaders and global health enthusiasts. This event will foster connection, skills and knowledge sharing while enhancing regional representation and safe social engagement.

What is OGA ? 

A Global General Assembly adapted to the Digital Paradigm.

This is a one-of-a-kind edition, the First Online General Assembly August meeting 2020!

The Online General Assembly brings capacity building opportunities, Decision Making and Networking to the Homes of our Members world wide. Participants will be part of interactive sessions, trainings, discussions and also help us shape the future of IFMSA by actively participating in our global decision making process.

Our Calendar

The Agenda will be updated with new information and reveals.

Welcome Message

The marvels of modern technology have now given us the chance to challenge the situation we are in and to look at this obstacle as one that we can overcome. In the months following the announcement of cancellation of the physical meeting, we have been working day-and-night to provide our IFMSA members with the next best thing: the Online 69th General Assembly August Meeting 2020.

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Nebojša Nikolić

IFMSA President 2019-2020


How can I participate ?

The Call for Participants and Delegations was sent to all National Members Organizations. Please contact your respective NMO President to know more about the process.

Is there any Open Session I can Attend ?

IFMSA is commited to its values and will provide open sessions for every member, these sessions will be broadcast directly to our Fb Page.

How can I Contact My NMO President ?

You can check your NMO’s Social Media Pages or our Database (here)


If you are not member of an NMO, you can still participate by filling up this form (here)