Official Communicate

It is with great sorrow that the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations received last week the sad news of the death of the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region Director Dr. Mahmoud M. Fikri.

It was recently, during the EMRO Regional Committee Meeting in Islamabad, Pakistan, that the IFMSA encountered Dr. Mahmoud and was able to discuss ideas of peace, prosperity, human rights and health for all. We acknowledge Dr. Mahmoud as a role model for all medical students of the Eastern Mediterranean Region and the world.

We appreciate the opportunity to have met Dr. Mahmoud, a person that envisioned a more equitative and peaceful world for all. A person that recognized health as a right and not as a privilege. A person that inspired 1,3 million medical students to fulfill their duty of serving communities all over the world and that never gave up on these principles.

As the future generation of healthcare leaders, we pledge to embrace and carry on his legacy for the generations to come.

On behalf of the IFMSA, we would like to present our sincere condolences to his friends and family. May he rest in peace.

IFMSA Executive Board 2017/2018

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