Non-Communicable Diseases “Diabetes – Eyes On Diabetes” – Egypt (IFMSA-Egypt)

Name of the activity: Non-Communicable Diseases “Diabetes – Eyes On Diabetes”

Country/NMO: Egypt (IFMSA-Egypt)

Program: Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases


Type of the activity: Campaign


General description:

Our activity is composed of different phases in cooperation with our partners and the Ministry of Health & Population; One national physical campaign in a mall with a booth there having awareness booth and booth for screening; blood glucose level, blood pressure & fundus examination.
Two physical campaigns as well were held in two branches for Ministry of International Cooperation to give awareness to the workers there as well as screening; blood glucose level, blood pressure & fundus examination.
Final physical national step was a celebration on World Diabetes Day in Cairo with the attendance of 400 medical & paramedical students for their awareness and increasing their knowledge and skills as well as screening; blood glucose level & Blood pressure.

Focus area:


Problem statement:

Diabetes is a burden, in many countries including Egypt, driven by unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and tobacco use interrelated, but all of that is rooted in environment, policy choices and social determinants. Diabetes poses one of the biggest burdens of diseases worldwide in high income countries as much as in low income countries. In 2000, the prevalence of the disease in Egypt has been 2,623,000 and is estimated to be 6,726,000 in 2030, the disease has risen 83% over the past 15 years, which is a very large increase compared to international rates and Egypt has the 8th highest rate of Diabetes.

While medical students are aware of medical background of diabetes, not all of them are aware of global health issue that diabetes poses. Here lies the opportunity to empower them to advocate for and implement the policy decisions needed to limit diabetes as policy changes are crucial for tackling burden of diabetes.
Disease prevention, public health interventions and strengthening of public health system are not represented enough in medical curricula.
As future health care providers, today’s medical students will be the ones educating public about healthy living and disease prevention, and they aren’t educated how to do so.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

– About 1000 medical students.
– About 2,000 non-diseased public

Objectives and indicators of success:

Goal 1: Reducing illiteracy of public about diabetes disease & provide a prevention line of Diabetes among 1,000 medical student in Egypt & about 2,000 non-diseased people from October, 2017 till September, 2018.
• Indicator 1: Three physical national campaigns in three different places; one in a shopping mall and two in two ministries to make awareness for public in the mall and workers in the ministries
• Indicator 2: A celebration hosting 400 medical & para-medical students with different sessions delivered by doctors from different organizations and universities.
• Indicator 3: Local physical campaigns in 23 local committees in public places in each city.
• Indicator 4: Online campaigns with an outreach on IFMSA-Egypt page as well as the LCs pages.

Goal 2: Providing a prevention line by screening for blood glucose level, blood hypertension & fundus examination
• Indicator 1: The three screening methods were achieved in the three physical national campaigns reaching a target of 70-100 person in each day.
• Indicator 2: Blood glucose level & blood pressure in the celebration to 150-200 medical & paramedical students.
• Indicator 3: Blood glucose level & blood pressure in the local committees reaching 50 at least in each LC.


• National physical campaigns in three different public places.
• National celebration on the World Diabetes Day.
• Local campaigns in the 23 LCs.
• National Online Campaign for 3 days.
• Local Online campaigns.

Plans for evaluation:

• Pre- & Post- questionnaires & final analysis.
• Number of Sheets gathering data from the screened people.
• Number of flyers distributed.
• Outreach of online campaigns.

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