How AMBOSS contributes to the improvement of medical education

At the last General Assembly in Tanzania, IFMSA started a new collaboration with the medical learning program “AMBOSS”. Doctors of the AMBOSS team held some workshops with fellow students of different delegations and had time to discuss medical curricula. For those of you who could not attend the GA or did not hear about the collaboration, this article will give you some information about AMBOSS. Good news first: in case you would like to try out this platform, AMBOSS shares a trial code with newsletter recipients for 1 month free!

AMBOSS consists of a comprehensive, digital library with clinical and soon pre-clinical knowledge which conforms to clinical practice guidelines and is updated daily. All the medical topics are introduced in Learning Cards that let you decide how deep you want to dive into a subject. You can just read a short abstract (e.g. on Atelectasis) or you can dedicate your time to the whole topic. AMBOSS encourages your collaborative thinking. As you’re reading a topic you can transfer to a related subject or term just by using the linked keywords.

The second key feature of AMBOSS in addition to the library is a question bank with over 1,600 USMLE exam-style, multiple choice questions. With those questions you can strengthen your knowledge or prepare for exams. Within the questions, similar to learning cards, different features support you in recognising essential terms.

Split-screen tablet app with the Qbank on the left side & Knowledge Library with overlay x-ray on the right side. Links in the Qbank connect you directly to Library content.

Addressing the different learning methods of med students, AMBOSS visualises the medical content through interactive multimedia such as tables/flowcharts, anatomical illustrations, a virtual microscope, videos, quizzes, and radiology images with overlays. There’s even a lecture series called “Chalk Talk,” As the Library and Question Bank are interlinked with each other, analysis can be done on your current knowledge level and provide you with personalised statistics and recommendations to help close knowledge gaps.

AMBOSS also has pretty cool apps that allow you to access the platform offline, so you can reach the questions and medical content without internet. It works on both tablets and smartphones for iOS and Android.

AMBOSS was an idea of a German group of young physicians in 2011 who were dedicated to improving medical education. The platform was created with the purpose of contributing to the development of medical curricula. The team has grown to become one of the biggest full-time medical editing teams worldwide, with over 50 international physicians. Today more than 95 % of all German and Swiss med students rely on the AMBOSS program to study successfully for their exams. After many requests from medical students outside of the German-speaking areas, AMBOSS decided to develop an international, English language version! Earlier this year was launched and IFMSA was one of the first to collaborate with the team and recognise its benefits.

Thanks to this cooperation, all IFMSA members have the chance to use AMBOSS for free from now until October 20th.

You can find more information about AMBOSS and how to activate the free access on this page:

NMOs or fellow students that are interested in further collaborations are welcomed to contact the AMBOSS Team:

Dr. Anna Schuster
[email protected]

Georg Bernecker
[email protected]

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