National consultation + General Estates of Clinical Years – France (ANEMF)

Name of the activity: National consultation + General Estates of Clinical Years

Country/NMO: France (ANEMF)

Program: Medical Education Systems


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Reflexion campaign : to open a reflexion space within the student community, in order to build the future of medical studies together with a maximum of students (before advocacy).


General description:

The major aim was “building together the future clinical years”. There was an online survey, then local assemblies to debate with students. As a conclusion, General Estates of clinical years were organized, with 5 round tables.

Focus area:

Students’ involvement in medical education | Curriculum design/development

Problem statement:

During clinical years (4-5-6), students only have one goal : National Ranking Exam (NRE). But this exam only takes in account theoretical knowledge. So books are hyperspecialized. It’s not discriminative : only 1500 points (out of 10 800) of difference from n°1000 to n°6000. Last year, our survey showed that 2/3 of clinical students are anxious.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Target group : Medical students from 1st year to residency.

Beneficiaries : Future medical students.

Objectives and indicators of success:

– Maximal representativeness : I = number of persons answering the consultation
– Debate : I = number of persons participating during local assemblies and General Estates
– Local relay of the national activity : I = number of local assemblies, and number of students registered to the General Estates
– Creating a model : I = the redaction of a policy statement


1) National Consultation = survey via GGForm for all medical students (August –
September). Topics :
– Theoretical knowledge
– Clerkships and interpersonal/clinical skills
– Evaluation of knowledge & skills
– National Ranking Exam, entering residency
– Mental health
– Building a professional project

2) Local assemblies : introducing the first results and debates with students.

3) General Estates : 1 day with round tables :
– Alternatives to NRE
– Clerkships
– Knowledge to know at this end of clinical years
– Demographic pression
– Personalization of student history

4) Policy statement

Plans for evaluation:

– Number of students answering the consultation and/or coming to local assemblies and/or to General Estates.
– Number of local assemblies, even more if many in the same faculty.
– Concordance between ministerial text (to be issued soon) about clinical years and our policy statement.

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