My patients, their histories – Ecuador (AEMPPI)

Name of the activity: My patients, their histories

Country/NMO: Ecuador (AEMPPI)

Program: Teaching Medical Skills


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Capacity Building


General description:

“My patients, their histories” is a theoretical-practical workshop that seeks to capacitate 60 medical students in the correct filling of the clinical history, which will be carried out in 2 phases: the first phase will be a conference taught by medical specialists on topics such as: Introduction, Structure, Types and Legal Basis of the Clinical History, and questions from the participants. The second phase will be a practice where the participants will fill a clinical history with a hypothetical case.

Focus area:

History Taking

Problem statement:

The defects in the making of a clinical history is a current problem both medical students and medical professionals, because it doesn’t receive the importance that it deserves. It’s the doctor’s duty to detail in the instrument the greatest amount of certain data, as well as any reference that can be to facilitate the information to the same patient, to his family and to those who, for legal reasons, have the right to be informed. Therefore, it is very important that as medical students we have the capacity to elaborate a detailed clinical history, because it’s the base of the communication with the patient, the diagnosis and clinical treatment.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Our target group are the medical students, and our beneficiaries are the patients who will have a correct clinical history.

Objectives and indicators of success:

1. Capacitate about the correct management and filling of clinical history to 60 medical students of the ULEAM, through a theoretical-practical workshop of approximately 4 hours taught by medical specialists, on April 25 th in the Auditorium “Roddy Mata Moreira” of the Faculty of Medical Sciences.
1. Know the value of a complete clinical history for the diagnosis and correct treatment of a patient’s illnesses.
2. Improve the academic level of medical students ULEAM, in the filling of clinical history.
3. Emphasize the legal importance of clinical history and its impact on medical practice.
4. Carry out a simulation about the filling of the clinical history by the participants.


First, during the theoretical phase, the experts in the topics will give a conference on: Introduction and definition of the clinical history; Types of clinical history; Structure; and Legal basis of the CH. Then, we will present to the participants a clinical case about a patient who arrives at the emergency and they should complete a clinical history, using a model similar to that used in national hospitals; for that, the participants will be divided into pairs. And after the project, the clinical histories will be reviewed by medical specialists to verify the strengths and weaknesses that the students still present.

Plans for evaluation:

After de project, we will ask to the participants a feedback about the organization and coordination of the project, including objective questions in relation to the topics taught during the conference. Also, we will evaluate the clinical history completed by the participants during the practice.

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