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As students we feel frustrated at being powerless and unable to contribute anything immediately, and in this new post-pandemic years we ask ourselves: What was our contribution? What could we do in the next global health catastrophe scenario

The Role of The Medical Student Researcher in New  Health Emergencies: “We’re Also Part of The Team”

Nayeli Esmeralda Avalos Celis, Raúl Pérez Gamboa

The Role of The Medical Student Researcher in New Health Emergencies: “We’re Also Part of The Team”

Nayeli Esmeralda Avalos Celis, Raúl Pérez Gamboa

Universidad Autónoma De Chiapas |

Asociación Mexicana De Médicos En Formación (AMMEF)


As humanity, we are constantly threatened by episodes or disasters caused by natural phenomena, biological, chemical or radiological agents, human activities, conflicts or any other threat, called health emergencies; being the Covid-19 pandemic our most recent challenge, it brought changes in the practice of medicine and innovation in medical education.

Medical students were a group involved in health systems with activities aimed at learning rather than problem solving, during this period we were not allowed to support in the hospital setting with expert physicians as we were not prepared for disaster situations, despite the high willingness we would have had to respond to the need; in addition, the high risk of being asymptomatic carriers, promote the spread of infection or over-consumption of limited personal protective equipment (PPE). (…)

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BMSS Open Access Week: Journey of Bangladesh Towards Equitable and Inclusive Medical Research

Sharif Mohammed Sadat

Bangladesh Medical College | BMSS-Bangladesh


Open Science, a concept aimed at strengthening the scientific infrastructure through openly available scientific materials, holds immense importance for the doctors of tomorrow. IFMSA has been at the forefront of supporting and guiding student-led actions in promoting equitable and open access to medical research. Itsefforts have been realized through various initiatives, including Open Access Week Campaigns, Delegations to Open Education Conference & sessions at international and regional conferences to promote youth involvement in Open Science.

In line with IFMSA›s vision, BMSS-Bangladesh took its first-ever initiative to promote Open Access through a national campaign during the Open Access Week 2022. This week-long event, held from October 24th to 30th, 2022 aimed to raise awareness about Open Science, Open Access, and their significant role in climate change. This pioneering initiative was a clear testament to BMSS›s firm dedication to advancing medical research that is characterized by equality and inclusivity. Through a dynamic range of activities, workshops, and engaging discussions, BMSS succeeded in empowering its members and fostering a culture of open collaboration and inclusivity (…)

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