More than that – Venezuela (FEVESOCEM); Ecuador (AEMPPI ); Haití (AHEM); Honduras (IFMSA-Honduras); Panama (IFMSA-Panamá)

Name of the activity: More than that

Country/NMO: Venezuela (FEVESOCEM); Ecuador (AEMPPI ); Haití (AHEM); Honduras (IFMSA-Honduras); Panama (IFMSA-Panamá)

Program: Gender Based Violence


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Campaign


General description:

Social media: All women around the Americas, with only one message: We are more than that. The participant will be recording a video or just taking a picture with the logo of the campaign.

Social experiment: where we invite women of different ages, professions, skin complexion, body type. A famous place is established spot in the cities where local scientific societies develop. Women will be dressed in different ways with posters with the name of the visual identity of the campaign and messages against Interpersonal sexual objectification of Women, thus measuring the reaction of those who are around.

Focus area:

Sexual Objectification of Women

Problem statement:

According to the estimates data published by the WHO indicate that about one in three (35%) women in the world have suffered physical violence or sexual violence by third parties at some point in their lives. The most frequent form the Interpersonal sexual objectification of Women: it is converted into a sexual object available to man. The objectification is the result of such denial, while the woman is considered a subject inferior to man and its existence is assumed as an argument in favor of pleasure and satisfaction of the male sex and not as what is universally right: an individual naturally worthy and of value for his condition of human person, capable and deserving of the same opportunities. It is necessary to visualize this problem. Women are more than a body.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Target group: Community in general

Beneficiaries: Women, communities of America

Objectives and indicators of success:

• Inform about the Interpersonal sexual objectification of Women and sexual and gender abuses in the country to be able to denounce and solve in a timely and responsible manner
• Approach to communities to address them before this issue
• Generate awareness in the community


• Contact women who want to participate in the activity
• It is suggested to highlight the artistic, academic and professional attributes of the participates. Making inter-institutional alliances with dance academies, modeling, symphony orchestras, language courses, cooking, universities, professionals.
• It is suggested to record a micro video of (10 seconds) or less where the participant will say a message and end by saying: I am “more than that” making reference to the campaign. And take pictures of all participants with the posters with the name of the campaign for later publication and thus have more scope with the campaign.

Plans for evaluation:

A survey will be applied to people who participate in the social experiment about their knowledge about the Interpersonal sexual objectification of Women, and after the activity their change or not of perception will be measured openly before the problem, registering them opinions about the problem. It will also be aplicated the ISOS scale by a google form in the Americas, in order to know this phenom.

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