Migrants Vaccination Campaign: Let’s Vaccinate Everyone Before Christmas – LeMSIC Lebanon

Name of the activity: Migrants Vaccination Campaign: Let’s Vaccinate Everyone Before Christmas

Country/NMO: LeMSIC Lebanon

Program: Ethics and Human Rights in Health

Contact information: contact [email protected] to get in touch with the Activity Coordinator

Type of the activity: First-time Activity

Category: Campaign

Focus area: Migrants Health

Sustainable Development Goals addressed: SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-Being), SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities)

Problem statement:

UN data shows that Syrian and Palestinian refugees have died from COVID-19 at a rate more than 4 and 3 times the national average, respectively. Migrants have still faced several barriers when it came to accessing vaccine administrations. This is why LeMSIC decided to launch its collaboration with IOM to help with vaccination, raise awareness on different health issues, and disassemble barriers faced by migrants when it comes to accessing healthcare and healthcare information.

Target groups:

  • Migrants
  • Refugees


  • Migrants
  • Refugees


– Vaccinate at least 900 migrants and refugees residing in Lebanon before the end of December 2021

– Raise awareness on the importance of vaccinations and the post- vaccine side effects to at least 800 migrants residing in Lebanon before the end of December 2021.

– Expose at least 20 medical students to dealing with migrant patients and providing them with healthcare information before the end of December 2021

Indicators of Success:

At least 50% of the vaccines administered are the patient’s first doses of the vaccine

At least 60% of migrant and refugee patients ask volunteers questions on the awareness material provided

At least 75% of volunteers express that the activity made it easier for them to communicate with migrants and provide them with adequate healthcare information


  1. Coordinate with IOM on the distribution of shifts, peak hours and times, and number of volunteers needed.
  2. Select medical student volunteers from LeMSIC members.
  3. Provide the volunteers with the adequate information and share with them the infographics that will be used to provide the awareness.
  4. Provide medical students with instructions on how to approach and address migrants, including paying attention to the preferred languages and listening to their concerns.

Plans for evaluation:

Full report on the activity that tracks the number of vaccines administered and patient information which is going to be drafted in coordination with the IOM. The report will be assessing the strengths in addition to the methods of improvement.

Informal feedback on the event from both International Organization for Migration (IOM) on LeMSIC’s contribution during the vaccination marathon, in addition to the feedback from volunteers on the activity and its beneficence.

External collaborations:

IOM – International Organization: Logistics that have to do with outreach and organization

Rafic Hariri University Hospital: Providing the venue for the vaccination marathon to take place


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