Mentorig for first year medical students – France (ANEMF)

Name of the activity: Mentorig for first year medical students

Country/NMO: France (ANEMF)

Program: Medical Education Systems


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Capacity Building (Training or Workshop)


General description:

This mentoring is done by 2nd or 3rd year students supported by university professors. The major aim is to help first year student to succeed the exam by training them regularly. It also provides mental support.

Focus area:

Students’ involvement in medical education | Non-formal/informal education

Problem statement:

First, a very difficult competitive exam (about 20-25% of success) exists at the end of the first medical year
Development of private organism which cost about 4,000€ (average) and equal opportunities break (because of the cost).
This difficult exam also provoque mental health problem.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

First year medical students (target group and beneficiary)

Objectives and indicators of success:

Help to prepare the exam : numbers of activities available
Re-establish equal opportunities between students : cost
Mental health care : organisation of mental health and well-being activities
Helping course choice in high school : going in high school/course choice exhibition


In each university, local “tutorat” have to set up several type of actions such as : mental health and well-being activities, training course before the year begins, training session during the entire year, mock exam, patronage action, going in high school/course choice exhibition, digital training platform… In order that their “tutorat” work, they have to train tutors to give lessons to first year, teach them to do multiple choice questionnaire. Their tutors have to communicate with professor.

Plans for evaluation:

number of course choice exhibition/high school visited
number of “tutorat” doing mental health and well-being activities/training course/session
number of gold certification
All of these criterion and more are in the table necessary to obtain the certification by the ministry of higher education

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