Mental Health – IFMSA-Egypt

Name of the activity: Mental Health

Country/NMO: IFMSA-Egypt

Program: Mental Health

Contact information: contact [email protected] to get in touch with the Activity Coordinator

Type of the activity: Continuous Activity

Category: Education

Focus area: Mental Health promotion and Prevention, Mental Health among Medical Students

Sustainable Development Goals addressed: SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-Being)

General description:

This activity aims to raise awareness for mental health issues ranging from anxiety and burnout to PTSD and addiction, whilst exploring its relevance in various topics of global importance such as climate change. In addition we intend on capacitating our youth and arming them with the skills and know-how to be capable and effective advocates in this matter. Encouraging them all the way to use their creative freedom and ingenuity to produce original strategies in our fight for understanding

Problem statement:

33% of medical students suffer from anxiety and nearly the same percentage deal with suicidal ideation. 9 to 31% of PTSD cases are caused by war which is a statistic not talked about nationally. Healthcare workers suffer mentally from their work environment and have one of the highest rates of depression by occupation. During natural disasters, higher rates of alcohol consumption, depression and PTSD are reported, which is an aspect not often discussed. Men’s mental issues are not addressed.

Target groups:

  • General population
  • Medical students
  • Doctors


  • General population
  • Healthcare Students
  • Other Students


1.Conduct a workshop for mental health advocacy for 25-30 medical

students by July 2023

2.Collaborate with the WHO on a National Mental Health Workshop in

September 2022 to educate medical and paramedical students on mental


3.Discuss the aspect of mental health in climate change issues in June


4.Shed light on mental health of healthcare providers during Healthcare

Worker’s week in April 2023.S

5.Discuss mental health issues relating to war in March 2023

6.Discuss the mental ramifications of gender based violence by the end of

June 2023

7.Translate the Mental Health Manual for easier use by Arabic students by

July 2023

8.Activate existing mental health support units available for medical and

paramedical students and regularly assess the existing MH support units

to identify opportunities and gaps of its services by Dec 2022.

  1. Mental Health Awareness month celebration in May 2023
  2. Tackle the topic of suicide by during September 2023


1.a 25-30 medical students are capacitated and have skills required for

mental health advocacy in their communities.

1.b 90% of attendees are familiar with the definition of advocacy and the

methods used.

2.a At least 1 workshop has been conducted with the WHO.

3.+6. At least one activity has been conducted between the 2 topics.

4.a Research paper is produced

4.b At least 5 LCs participate in the Physical Campaign

5.a 25-30 Med students learn about PTSD

5.b 60% of attendees feel that they are confident in their knowledge of


7.a A fully translated MH Manual is produced

7.b At least 10 LCs report a satisfaction rate of over 6/10

8.a At least 1 unit has been activated

8.b At least 60 students have visited the units

9.a At least 10 LCs celebrated

b At least 1 LC used a unique methodology for participation

10.a At least 1 Panel discussion conducted

10.b At least 30 attendees


“1+2. Collaborate with the WHO to produce a Mental Health Workshop

4.-Physical campaign conducted to collect data through surveys about

the mental

health of healthcare workers within healthcare facilities.

-Collaborate with RSD to produce a research paper

-Online campaign to raise awareness for mental health issues of Healthcare Workers -(March-April 2023)

  1. – Webinar discussing Mental health issues that are caused by war (i.e.

PTSD)to raise awareness for veterans

– Movie watch along and discussion to be held to raise discourse Between members

– Online campaign to raise awareness for veterans and PTSD sufferers (March 2023)

  1. Recruiting enthusiastic members for the translation process ( Jan-Jul 2023)
  2. Approach WHO and ministry of health with proposal who will then

proceed with the universities

  1. Month long competition to advocate for mental health in the most creative ways
  2. Panel discussion between NMOs

Plans for evaluation:

1+2 Pre and Post assessment

4.a Number of total responses between LCs

4.b Reach of the Online campaign

5.a Number of attendees

5.b Pre and Post assessment

7.a satisfaction of LCs

8.a Number of people who visit the units

9.a Creativity of methodology

9.b Number of LCs participating

10.a Number of attendees

External collaborations:

– WHO-Egypt

– IOM-Egypt

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