Medicine is not candy – Algeria (Le Souk)

Name of the activity: Medicine is not candy

Country/NMO: Algeria (Le Souk)

Program: Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Education


General description:

Self-medication is one of the most serious health problems in Algeria , for that series of conferences and awareness campaigns will be held during the three last weeks of February ; two main populations will be aimed ; the general population all educational levels included and general practioners, for the sake of evaluating our impact different statistical studies will be done.

Focus area:

Prevention of NCDs and Health Promotion

Problem statement:

Self medication is a serious problem in Algeria. According to Dr.Ziari PhD in pharmacology 3 out of 4 Algerians would resort to medication without medical advice. More than 1500 specialties are dispensed without prescription. Self medication represents nearly 650 million boxes out of nearly a billion sold in pharmacies.
On the other hand, self-prescribed antibiotics carry a more eminent danger than any other molecule because in addition to the undesirable effects that antibiotics can cause; there is the resistance phenomenon. In terms of statistics, Algeria is ranked third country in the world, after France in terms of antibiotics consumption
A statistical study in 2013 done by the pharmacy student” Akram Benchouche” in Sétif Algeria showed that only 12/100 persons use antibiotics adequately
Awareness on atb resistance is not only aimed at patients and the general population, but also at general practioners who prescribe these molecules anarchically.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Our project aims at two types of population
– a general population: citizens from outside the medical corpse by an awareness campaign in a public place downtown Constantine which includes explanatory posters and flyers explaining the phenomenon of self-medication and its dangers to health in simple terms
We’ll also insist on parents and the need to consult the doctor before prescribing any medication to their children. In addition to an awareness accompanied by conference and a workshop dedicated to students of the university Constantine 3 for they are permanently exposed to stress and fatigue
– A specific population: health professionals including general practioners and pharmacists through a conference led by a professor in infectiology.

Objectives and indicators of success:

1- By the end of February 2018, the percentage of none prescribed medication will decrease by 30% in the biggest pharmacies in 5 different sectors in Constantine
• Forms will be distributed in pharmacies one week before and after our campaign and according to the results we’ll know if we reached our goal or not
2- By the end of our campaign 250 students will be aware about the dangers of self-medication and the phenomenon of resistance and 100 general practioners and pharmacists will learn how to inform patients to use medication adequately in Constantine
• At the end of each conference different questionnaires will be distributed on the audience and results will determine whether our objectives have been achieved or not
3- By next year, the percentage of people who actually know how to use medicines will increase by 25%
• A statistical study will be done before our project and one year after and results will be compared


Our project consists of several activities
1- Two awareness campaigns downtown and at the tramway station ( direct contact with people, explaining the phenomenon and proposing solutions using explanatory sheets, distributing flyers)
2- The same awareness campaign at the university Constantine 3 plus a conference and a workshop led by us for university students
3- A conference for general practioners and pharmacists led by a professor of infectiology
4- A statistical study concerning a number of pharmacies and 3 different neighborhoods
5- A booklet on the most self-prescribed medicines and their dangers
6- Collaborating with national association of general practioners in the organization of medical day entitled “The antibiotic resistance”
7- Collaborating with the association a student’s parents to hold conferences in 3 different schools for parents and teachers to educate them about medicines and how to use them

Plans for evaluation:

– A statistical study will be done; scoph members will visit three different neighborhoods in Constantine from different social level, forms will be distributed door to door and information will be analyzed
The same study will be done next year to calculate the percentage of aware people
– One week before and after our campaign we’ll distribute forms on 5 pharmacies in different sectors in Constantine
The vendors will fill it with the necessary information ( the rate of use of certain medicines without medical prescription etc…)
– At the end of each conference held questionnaires will be distributed on the audience

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