Medical Schools Secrets – CAMSA Cameroon

Name of the activity: Medical Schools Secrets

Country/NMO: CAMSA Cameroon

Program: Teaching Medical Skills

Contact information: contact [email protected] to get in touch with the Activity Coordinator

Type of the activity: First time Activity. Newly designed Activity enrolling for the first time with a fixed timeline with no concrete intention to be established for a long time (yet).

Category: Education

Focus area: Clinical Examination, Doctor-Patient communication skills, Soft Skills for medical practitioners

Sustainable Development Goals addressed: GOAL 4: QUALITY EDUCATION

General description:

Succeeding into medical school is tough, and once we get through, some tend to relax and not pay attention to become the best medical doctor for your future patients. There is no doubt that medical journey is a challenging one. There are so many exams you need to pass, and don’t forget about all the studying you have to do for exam preparation. It simply takes a lot of time, but it’s worth the effort. If you have decided to become a physician, it might help to know what the journey looks like.

Problem statement:

The primary aim of carrying out this activity is to raise students’ awareness on how to have a less stressful journey in medical school with success. Taking care of yourself and finding the balance both mentally and physically, practicing effective study techniques, making the most out of learning resources and time management.

Target groups:

Medical students, Healthcare Students


Medical students, Healthcare Students, Other Students


  1. To ensure that at least 100 medical students are well-oriented on the secrets for a successful journey through medical school

    2. To learn about or effective studying technique

    3. To learn about many medical learning resources for effective studying

    4. To learn about time management

Indicators of Success:

  1. For over 90% of participants scoring atleast 8/10 on the succees indicator

    2. For over 90% of participants scoring atleast 8/10 on the success indicator

    3. To be able to name atleast 5 learning medical learning resources

    4. To be able to draw daily time table


  1. Introduction, Well coming and Team Building

    2. Topic 1: Finding the balance both mentally and physically to avoid stress

    3. Topic 2: Practicing effective study techniques

    4. BREAK

    5. Topic 3: Making the most out of learning resources

    6. Topic 4: Learn time management.

    7. Questions and Answers

    8. Closing

Plans for evaluation:

Asking questions using Pre and Post Evaluation forms using Google forms. Most of them were asked for self assessment using a scale from 1-10 for evaluation. Sample of questions are shown below:

1. Do you know how to effectively succeed in medical school?

2. How effective is your studying technique?

3. How many medical learning resources for effective studying do you know?

4. How good are you at time management?

The answers from the pre and post assessment forms are compared and a better performance in the post assessment forms to te pre assessment forms means the activity was well understood by the audience.

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