Medical Matters – AEMPPI Ecuador

Name of the activity: Medical Matters – Season 2 

Country/NMO: AEMPPI-Ecuador

Program: Medical Education Systems

Contact information: contact [email protected]  to get in touch with the Activity Coordinator

Type of the activity: Continuous Activity

Category: Education

Focus area: Students’ involvement in medical education | Non-formal/informal education

Sustainable Development Goals addressed: SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-Being), SDG 5 (Gender Equality)

General description:

Medical Matters is a Medical Podcast for Medicine Students arround the world. On each chapter we speak about different topics of interest regarding the things that the Traditional Education System wont teach us and that we should learn and know about as Healthcare Professionals. Each episode has a group of 3 speakers (that are med. students from around the country) and a special guest who will speak about subjetcts such as treating LGBTQ+ patients, fair payment, how to deal with death, etc. 

Problem statement:

Audio resources about medicine on platforms like Spotify are very scarce when it comes to the Spanish language.The medical podcast programs in Spanish that do exist, talk about theoretical topics that are usually covered in the classroom. There are no programs that deal with topics of relevance for the medical society and the general public. Listening to medical viewpoints on socially relevant topics is something extremely important and rarely done.

Target groups:

  • Medical students


  • General population
  • Doctors



To educate 27 medical students from Ecuador on topics of interest and topics of social controversy to the medical community through a podcast with monthly transmission and a series of speakers (detailed in the methodology). The program will be transmitted on Spotify from March to November, the first chapter will be out on March 20, 2022 with a duration of 50 minutes. 


To analyze the perspective of 35 interviewers (medical students and medical specialists) on the academic trajectory of the speakers, as well as their most impacting experiences through a chapter of the podcast, which will be transmitted on Spotify from March to November, with a duration of 50 minutes.

To know the recommendations of 35 interviewees (medical students and medical specialists) to face situations that may arise throughout medical training and practice through a chapter of the podcast, which will be transmitted on Spotify from March to November, with a duration of 50 minutes.

Indicators of Success:

To have 4 participants for each podcast (3 students and the speaker), that way at the end of the year we would have analyzed the recommendations of 35 interviewers on the topics mentioned.

To reach min. 35 plays/each episode, up to 1 month after its publication. The statistics generated by Spotify will be reviewed.

To test the participants about the information they’ve learned on a Google Forms test. Participants are expected to answer correctly 4 out of 5 questions.



06/Feb – 11/Mar: Choosing of topics calendar and making the special guests list*.

Project local and national approval will be done by 07/March. Inscriptions and a Zoom meeting to explain the project to the participants. 


All episodes follow the same creation process monthly: 


Day 02: Meeting with the respective speaker.

Days 03-09: Creation of the interview structure by the participants. 


Day 10, 

08:00: Anchor program test.

10:00: Recording episode.


From 10-19: editing process. 

Day 20: 

20:00:Launch of the chapter.

20:15: Dissemination of the podcast in the social networks of the participants and their OLs. 


Nov. 20: Post test

Nov. 20 – Dec. 03: Certifications and report. 

*Human Resources

Speakers and people in charge of the project (SCOME). 

Special guests (medicine professionals) will be interviewed: 1 guest per chapter will be talking to 3 medical students (participants). The group of 4 people will be different for each episode.

Plans for evaluation:

To be able to know if the objectives have been reached, we will check the program’s statistics on the Spotify platform at the end of each month to see if the numbers we first expected were reachable during the determined amount of time. At the end of the project we will also send a Google Forms to the participants where they will have to answer questions about the chapter they made, to see if they did learn from it: it will be considered a success if they answer 4 out of 5 questions correctly.

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