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Program Coordinator: Fereshteh Bagheri
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Focus Areas

Capacity building

  1. Training Medical Education Trainers
  2. Advocacy in Medical Education Training
  3. Other trainings and workshops on medical education topics, leadership and advocacy skills

Students’ involvement in medical education

  1. Advocacy and awareness campaigns for the active involvement and representation of students in decision making
  2. High level participation and direct student involvement with the structures and processes in their medical school
  3. Conducting student-led research about different aspects of their Medical Education System – Evaluation of the current curriculum and identification of gaps; Evaluation of the educational environment; Evaluation of the mental health of medical students

Curriculum design / development

Direct student involvement with the design and delivery of teaching and assessment through awareness campaigns, advocacy, research and discussions aiming to:

  1. Conform medical curricula to global educational standards and guidelines
  2. Shift universities focus towards sustainability assurance and acquisition of learning outcomes.
  3. Shift Medical curricula focus towards Lifelong Learning with emphasis on self-education after graduation.

Evaluation and Assessment

Conducting student-led research on:

  1. Student assessment & evaluation
  2. Clinical competence assessment
  3. Admission to medical school and costs of medical education

Quality assurance and accreditation

Advocacy efforts aimed at aligning the medical curriculum with the international medical education guidelines.

Non-formal/informal education

  1. Direct student involvement with peer-teaching
  2. Student-led research on non-formal education within the medical curriculum

Social Accountability

  1. Assessment of Social Accountability of medical schools
  2. Student-led research on Community-based training
  3. Training sessions on Social Accountability of medical education, Transformative learning and Interprofessional education
  4. Advocacy efforts aimed at students, medical schools, medical education and healthcare institutions
  5. Design, implementation and participation of students in community clerkships in urban and rural settings
  6. Advocacy campaigns for implementing community-based education
  7. Implementation of a community based clerkship during SCOPE Professional Exchange

Human Resources for Health

Awareness campaigns and educational activities and Advocacy efforts aimed at major stakeholders in order to recognize health workforce planning as a national and global priority.

Open Science

Includes activities on Open Access, Open Data, Open Educational Resources, Open Source, Open Peer Review and Open Methodology.

Activities may take the form of awareness campaigns and advocacy efforts towards decision makers or educational activities, such as workshops or conferences, with the main goal of building capacity.

Career Support

Activities related to showcasing different specialities, to discuss specialty access, internship conditions.


Program Proposal

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Activities for Medical Education Systems Program

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