Medical Education Systems in Turkey Survey

Name of the activity: Medical Education Systems in Turkey Survey

Country/NMO: Turkey (TurkMSIC)

Program: Medical Education Systems

Contact information: [email protected] – +90 554 317 08 79

Type of the activity: Research. Collection of data to estimate the scope of a problem but also to evaluate impact of other Activities.

General description:

This survey is created by 3 students from different backgrounds who have an interest for Medical Education area and its development. It was conducted between 13.12.2018 and 23.12.2018 to compare the different aspects of medical education systems in Turkey. The survey was designed to evaluate and highlight the most similar and different parts of different medical faculties and their education programs in Turkey. The goal is to gather a large database of different medical education systems all around Turkey to help determine, where we are lacking the most. Thus, with the results and report, it can be used by students to advocate for themselves to their external partners for creating awareness and campaigns.

Focus area:

In our research questions include all of these topics so it is hard to place in a one answer

Problem statement:

TurkMSIC have limited knowledge of the differences in curricula and systems between different medical schools. On top of the limited knowledge, there is also a major difference in some aspects of these medical schools’ education systems. With the lack of Department of Medical Education in some of the faculties in Turkey, makes it harder for students to advocate for their M.E. and make changes at their schools. In order to conduct advocacy campaigns, we must know more about the different systems.

Target groups:

Medical students


Medical students

Objectives and indicators of success:

” – Gather a comprehensive set of data about the variances in different aspects of medical education systems in Turkey. Indicator of Success (IoS): The number of responses and the variations within the responses.

– Have a comprehensive database about individual medical faculties in Turkey to share with prospective medical students. IoS: Number of responses, regions represented, LCs represented, the results and analysis portions of the report.

– Provide evidence-based and significant data to LOMEs for more effective advocacy activities for their LCs. IoS: The results and analysis of the report, sharing the report with every LC via the mail server.

– Provide the comprehensive database to TurkMSIC members to show the variances in systems to invoke change in areas needed to be improved. IoS: The results and analysis portions of the report, sharing the report with every LC via the mail server and WhatsApp groups.

– Create a foundation for further researches regarding the topic. IoS: the number of responses to the survey, LCs represented.

– Use Google My Maps for students to access easily to the data collected. IoS: Preparing the resource and sharing the link.”


The survey was conducted by means of an online questionnaire with 28 questions. We shared the survey via text message and email with medical students in various years of study in Turkey while focusing mainly on SCOME volunteers and LOMEs. We chose to share the survey with mostly SCOME volunteers to make sure our results would be reliable. A total of 223 students from 51 faculties participated in the survey. Participants were asked to answer questions about their medical education experience from their preclinical years, clinical years and also about the accreditation at their schools. The questions included both fact- based questions, e.g “How long is your preclinical education?” and personal reflection questions, e.g “Do you feel content with the elective classes available at your school?” Majority of the questions had multiple choices, while some questions were rating scales.

Plans for evaluation:

“The evaluation of the data collected will be included in the report as data graphics and in depth analysis of the data for further clarification. This in depth analysis will include the number of participants, the regions represented and the LCs represented.

The report will be evaluated by the national SCOME team and will be shared with LOMEs for further evaluation.

The improvement in the education systems in Turkey will be very gradual and dependent on multiple factors however the improvement of the advocacy activities planned in LCs will be monitored via the monthly reports submitted by the LOMEs.

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