Medical Education at the EMR11

Earlier this month, almost 200 medical students from all over the East Mediterranean Region joined together for the annual regional meeting in the beautiful city of Cairo. Participants were divided into the standing committee sessions and I was lucky to have 18 wonderful people attending the SCOME sessions with me.

For a total of 14 working hours, EMR SCOMEdians discussed various issues, tackling different problems in the field medical education in the region. Even though most of the participants came from the EMR, there were various ideas presented different solutions to problems and wide range of creativity that can only be described as inspiring.

The sessions focused on different global topics in medical education, such as: programs, national activities done in different NMOs, the future work of SCOME, advocacy and work beyond the meeting. Through Small working groups, presentations and group discussions participants got the chance to expand on topics like global health education and Human resources for health. They also learned about the transition from projects to Programs in IFMSA. Discussions followed on the programs that SCOME is proposing in the March Meeting. EMR SCOMEdians also got to talk about meaningful student participation and advocacy which is an area of work that NMOs in the EMR have many problems with.

While the meeting was mainly for the countries of the EMR region, we were lucky to have participants from a wide variety of countries. Delegates from The Netherlands, Pakistan, and the United States joined students from countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Oman and many others which gave the session a lot of variety which helped offer a lot of different points of views and gave the sessions a sense of global atmosphere.

It was an absolute privilege for me to be able to facilitate the sessions in this regional meeting and while this meeting is over EMRians will meet again next year in the city of Amman, Jordan for the 12th EMR regional meeting and after this meeting I can only say that I am counting the days to see SCOMEdians come together again in Amman.

And for the last time I would like to say #Saba7o,

Abdulrahman Nofal

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