Médecin ou patient, je suis humain (Doctor or patient, i am human)< - Algeria (Le Souk)

Name of the activity: Médecin ou patient, je suis humain (Doctor or patient, i am human)<

Country/NMO: Algeria (Le Souk)

Program: Ethics & Human Rights in Health


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Campaign


General description:

From february the 22nd 2018 to Mars the 1st 2018, SCORP of Constantine, Algeria decided to try and solve a very important problem that was going on for a long time. The relationship between doctors and patients was suffering from a big lack of humanity, and doctors have been under attack for several months by the general public. Ethics and human rigths were lost in all this mess.
We wanted to create a big campaign and try to touch every category of our society, but especially the ones who were envolved, doctors, patients and medical students.
After more than a month of preparation and a training on ethics and human rights in medicine, three events were made for this campain:
– An opening conference in an auditorium , it was the event in which we exposed the problem through statistics, and testimonials from two doctors and a patient who came to tell the public what they lived in the medical environment, the good and the bad they saw from each other, and the problems that needed to be really solved in order to have a healthy work environment.
– A sensitization in the hospital, we talked primarly with patients, to try to explain to them doctor’s rights and what pressure they are working under, but most importantly doctors, and what are patients’ rights, and what is the right method faithfull to ethics.
– A debate between medical students and students from other faculties , to discuss the solution of this problem.
After the campaign we conducted surveys and received some facebook feedback and i really think we did a good job and we changed the system a bit !

Focus area:

Rights of patients, doctors and medical students

Problem statement:

For the last couple of months, there has been a huge problem in the relationship beetwen doctors and patients in algeria. Doctors’ rights are not respected, and they have been under attack by the general public. And patients’ rights are not respected. There is huge lack of humanity in the medical environment, and that has been proven by the surveys and statistics we concluded in which almost everyone state that humanity is missing in our doctors.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

The target group is patients, doctors and medical students.
The beneficiaries are students from other faculties and the general public.

Objectives and indicators of success:

50 Medical students participating in a training in which they learn the basics of a healthy doctor-patient relashionship, ethics in health and how to treat their futur patients with humanity and respect their rights.
500 Patients sensitized in a campagn learning doctor’s rights and how to behave properly with their doctors.
100 Doctors sensitized in a campagn learning their patients’ rights and how to behave properly with their patients.
The general public participating in a workshop and sensitized in a campagn learning doctor’s rights and how to behave properly with their doctors.
The general public participating in a debate understanding the pressure under which a doctor is performing and learning to respect them more.


1- One month and half prior the activity :
– Proposing ideas and workshops to solve the problem, we ended up by choosing to do a training on the subject conducted by a specialist, a conference with witnesses, a sensitization campaign, and a debate between medical students and students from other faculties.
– Choosing the right places for our events which were, a classroom from the faculty of medicine for the training, an auditorium for the conference, the hospital for the sensitization, and another classrom from the faculty of litterature for the debate.
– Choosing the appropriate way to communicate the details of our activity to the public which was through a Facebook page
– Listing the needed materials
– division of actions based on qualification, motivation and disponibility of the membres : four groups , one responsible for the preparation of each event.

2- One month prior the activity :
After taking some time to think through our project, we did a meeting to discuss the concrete details of the project which were :
– The content of the fold we were going to use during the sensitization
– The necessary speakers we needed for our conference which were two doctors and a patient
– The themes we were going to debate on with other students, and the specialist who was going to conduct the training.

– The first group contacted a very known doctor for his good doctor-patient relationship and his skills in the subject, and tried to obtain an authorization to use a classroom for the training.
– The second group went on to contact the speakers, and obtain an authorization to use the auditorium for the conference.
– The third group started to work on the content of the sensitization and obtain an authorization to put a stand in the hospital.
– The fourth group went on the obtain the authorization in the faculty of litterature.

Advertisement :
After the content was done, we worked with the designer of the committee to come up with posters and flyers to the campagn, and the fold for the sensitization.
We also opened a facebook page for the event, in which we communicated the details.

3- One week prior the activity :
– We conducted a survey online asking about their opinions on doctors behaviour with the patients, in order to make statistics and exposed them in the lecture.
– We intensed the advertisement to gain the maximum of attention through making a video for the event and posting in everywhere on the internet.
printing the flyers, posters and folds.

4- 3days prior the activity :
– Final meeting to discuss and review the evolution of the actions
– Listing needed materials to buy
– Revision of the plan A.
– Coming up with plan b and c.

5 – Realisation of the project.

Through out this whole time line , we did many meetings , to review the evolution of the actions and update each other on our tasks .

Plans for evaluation:

We conducted a survey with patients and the general public before we conducted the activity to ask them about their opinions on doctors and their behaviour.
We conducted a survey with doctors to ask them about the problems they face in the medical environment.
We asked the participants in the workshop about their new perspective about doctors after the debate and the workshop
We conducted survey with patients and doctors after the event to see how the situation is going.
We asked for feedback through our facebook page.

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