MED TALKS – Algeria (Le Souk)

Name of the activity: MED TALKS

Country/NMO: Algeria (Le Souk)

Program: Medical Education Systems


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Advocacy


General description:

TEDx have inspired many people around the words and seeing their impact globally we wanted to do a local version of it and modify it to our needs. As students we often lose focus, lose track of our goals and become less ambitious. As consequence our grades suffer and we fail our studies which will make us less and less motivated and to get out of this infernal cycle we decided on these motivational conferences where our successful teachers and idols will be speakers and share their experiences, their obstacles and how they overcame them to inspire young students and give them the push to be more ambitious
Aside from the impact we had on the students, through this conference a good working partnership with the teachers, and created a platform of discussion with the stakeholders, a solid base to advocate for ourselves later on.

Focus area:

Medical Students Empowerment

Problem statement:

Medical studies are one of the hardest studies, and we as medical students tend to lose our focus our goals and our ambition along the way which in return will affect greatly our performances, whether in everyday studies or exams or even in our hospital internships and this will have a great repercussion on our patients and our way to provide care for them.
Each year, and from every promotion nearly 40% of the students have to retake their exams in September to pass to the next grade, 10% of them will pass with credits and have to retake their exams in the 6th year in order to get access to the year of internship. can you imagine the charges ? The stress? All of this have great impact on student’s performances and push some of them to give up mid-run. To remedy to that we came up with an activity inspired by the famous TEDx, a conference where our best professor are invited to share with us their journey to success their experiences, some stories and anecdotes that will inspire, encouragethem to be more ambitious and help the students in decision making. .

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Our main target group is medical students from every grade, whether freshmen or soon to be graduate. Loss of ambition, of focus and lack of encouragement and poor decision making are common between every student but a different degree and it’s a chronic problem we must start to fight. Our optimal number was 200 students but the result was even greater we had around 300 participants.
The long run beneficiaries from this conference are the students themselves as they will be more motivated inspired and ready to tackle obstacles. The faculty also will benefit as there will be less failing students and the ratio of success would be higher and eventually the patient: a good educated successful young doctor will give the best care .

Objectives and indicators of success:

Our goal beyond helping the students is to advocate for ourselves through this conference where the main guests are stakeholders to do that we set se objectives:
– Motivate, inspire encourage and guide the students.
– In the long run, diminish the rate of stress that leads to failure, diminishing the rate of retakes as students will be more empowered to study and succeed
– Create tight relations between the students and the teacher in a more easy going environment.
– Create a space for exchange between the student’s and the stakeholders which enable them to advocate for their cause later on.


To have better impact, we asked the students body for their input on who the speakers will be, we did a little survey on our facebook page and asked them who should we bring , everyone participated and gave their opinion and at the end we picked out the three most liked . Once the speakers confirmed we had some difficulties setting a date where all will be free but after arranging it and the location everything was set. Days before the event we launched a facebook event, did a little publicity in the students groups, to implicate them even more in the making ,we did a charade about the speakers, each night we gave some facts about a speaker and they have to guess who it is, till the night before where all speakers were revealed.
For resources, we used the the association money for mostly everything and the faculty provided with the materials and did the prints for the posters.
On the D-day the speakers gave their speeches and we did a Q&A where students were allowed to ask more form the teachers and we created a space for free interactions.

Plans for evaluation:

The objectives to be tackled by these conferences are more abstract and more difficult to evaluate and as the number of audience is high more difficult to get the input of everyone.
As conferences have bigger number of participants than workshops, evaluation was a little bit tricky on such a big number, so what we did is a little feedback survey online and we asked the audition to fill it to measure up the impact of the Med Talks, if they felt more motivated, if the conference allowed them to clear up future prospects, if the open discussion with the stakeholders was the push they needed to advocate for their needs and so on.

In addition they are our teachers and the fact that they see our struggle will push them in the long run to helps advocate for better curriculum

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