Maternal Health
and Access to Safe Abortion

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Focus Areas

Access to Safe Abortion

Debate on: Should Abortion be legalized in Malawi? [Malawi UMMSA]

The debate will consist of 6 youths in total from 3 different tertiary institutions (College of Medicine, Blantyre International University and Polytechnic). These will debate on their viewsas to why or why not we should legalise abortion in Malawi. 

There will also be experts whose role is to provide information where necessary that consist of a medical doctor, a public health specialist and a youth representative. The audience will also be given the opportunity to ask questions and give in their views.

Obstetric Violence and Humanized Birth

APAOV: Asia Pacific Against Obstetric Violence [SCORA AM18 Regional Project Proposal] STRATEGY

1. Data Collection

     a) How educated are our health professionals + mothers + families
     b) How prevalent is obstetric violence (observation + analysis of policy + guidelines + interviewing patient experiences)
     c) Research mothers and their antenatal education

2. Data Analysis and Compare – within country + region

3. Present Data to other stakeholders for feedback – doctor’s associations, experts in the field,lawmakers, legislative bodies

4. Ask for support (student organisations, antenatal education – specialist or family doctor ordirectly to mother in hospital or students or women’s association, hospitals)

5. Compile Strategies + time-based outcomes

6. Present to our country’s supervising bodies + invite to review

Whilst awaiting review of proposals:

7. Increase visibility + awareness of our work

8. Opportunistic Presenting + Discussion. i.e. conference

9. Invite stakeholders to discuss our proposals and assist with adoption in a practical manner

10. Evaluation of outcome enforcement + adoption


World Breastfeeding Week Campaign [SCORA IT + MHASA PC]

Organisations and individuals from all over the world are active this week to promote the health benefits of breastfeeding for mothers and children, encourage mothers to exclusively breastfeeding through the first 6 months of their children’s lives and uncover misconceptions around that topic.

We want to take this chance to present to you the activities of FEVESOCEM-Venezuela, IFMSA-Morocco, Associamed Tunesia and IFMSA-Argentina who are doing amazing work on the issue of breastfeeding!

Furthermore, we are collecting videos from volunteers with the following:

1. Start with saying your first name and your country (e.g. “Hello, my name is Frederike and I come from Germany.”).

2. Add your specific contribution: That can be a fact on breastfeeding. Or a reason why it is important to promote it. Or a specific experience from your country. [1-2 sentences]

3. End the video with our common call to action: “Let’s sustain breastfeeding together!”

Family Planning, Contraception and Sterilisation

Well Women Workshop [AMSA-Australia]

Once a year we run a contraception and women’s health workshop with the Fremantle multicultural centre. This caters to refugee and migrant women in the Perth region. The modules for the workshop were designed by past students and clinicians. Students each host a small group of women (max 4) and take them through multiple stations that cover different aspects of contraception and women’s health in a culturally sensitive way. 

It is important that all students are female and they stay with the same group the whole time to build trust. This year we are also trialing bringing one male student to speak at the end about male doctors and attempting to decrease some of the fear and stigma around visiting a male clinician.


Modern Family [AMSA Australia]

A lecture series was given to discuss the concept of a ‘modern family’ whereby infertility experts were brought in to debunk myths surrounding infertility and treatment options available. Families who had undergone IVF as well as egg donors were also invited to discuss varying perspectives surrounding a ‘modern family’ and the differing trials and tribulations each encountered.

 This lecture series gave a holistic view to medical students regarding infertility causes and management in the current climate.

Maternal Healthcare Services (antenatal, antepartum and postpartum care)

The Pregnancy Project [The Netherlands IFMSA NL]

By participating in this project, the pregnant woman and the student will contribute to the improvement of (maternal) healthcare. The students will learn more about the experience of being pregnant and can use this knowledge in the execution of their future medical profession. 

The healthcare employees can use the feedback to improve their work. During the evaluation, the organization of the project and the experiences of the students will be discussed. The pregnant women that participate in this project have mentioned their appreciation for the familiar face of the student during each appointment in the hospital.

Pregnancy Complications and Postpartum Sequela

PPH Blood Loss Estimation Game [AMSA-Australia]

Various rags, blueys, towels and drapes were soaked in predetermined amounts of blood and laid out at different stations. In between each station was a question about pregnancy complications and postpartum sequela.

Participants were split into groups and asked to write their answers for each station. We then collected these answers and went through each station identifying and explaining the correct answer before announcing a winning team.


Program Proposal

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Activities for Maternal Health and Access to Safe Abortion Program

Below you may find all the most recent activities that were recognized as part of the Maternal Health and Access to Safe Abortion Program.

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NrProgramActivity NameCountry (NMO)
150Maternal Health & Access to Safe AbortionDebate on: Should Abortion be legalized in Malawi?Malawi (UMMSA)
151Maternal Health & Access to Safe AbortionYo Decido (It's My Choice)Peru (IFMSA-Peru)
152Maternal Health & Access to Safe Abortion28S Access to legal and safe abortionCatalonia - Spain (AECS)
153Maternal Health & Access to Safe AbortionThe Pregnancy ProjectThe Netherlands (IFMSA NL)
154Maternal Health & Access to Safe AbortionIII Mother-Child WorkshopColombia (ASCEMCOL)
155Maternal Health & Access to Safe AbortionWorkshop on Access to safe abortionBangladesh (BMSS)
299Maternal Health & Access to Safe AbortionRCSR Regional Congress of Sexual and Reproductive HealthColombia (ASCEMCOL)
300Maternal Health & Access to Safe AbortionMama & Family ProjectSweden (IFMSA-Sweden)