Mark Yourself into Someone’s Life – Czech Republic (IFMSA-CZ)

Name of the activity: Mark Yourself into Someone’s Life

Country/NMO: Czech Republic (IFMSA-CZ)

Program: Organ, Marrow & Tissue Donation


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Education


Focus area:

Marrow donation

Problem statement:

bone marrow donation is a relatively new topic in our society, and it can save many lives.
people still doesn’t know the importance of Bone Marrow Donation and how they can join the Bone Marrow Register on their University.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

our target groups are young people and students
our beneficiaries are patients that will benefit from the donations

Objectives and indicators of success:

objectives are :
– raise awareness of young people – especially at universities on the importance of Bone Marrow Donation
– enable them to join the Bone Marrow Register on their University.
– make at least three recruitments each year on universities in Czech Republic.
success indicators are :
number of people that were reached in our campaigns
number of registered donors


The first step would be to address colleges and universities with the offer to organize recruitment at the university.
Then we start making publicity to invite people to come to our event
at the event we explain to young people the importance of bone marrow donation, and we offer them the possibility to register as donors in the national register.

Plans for evaluation:

We have a survey that we use to evaluate the improvement of knowledge of young people about the topic, we also count the number of people registring in each event.

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