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       Coronavirus has resulted in countless changes to daily life, with schools being closed, travel being upended, university, shopping and cafes all locked down. Curfew and quarantine which in turned led to a lot of problems, crises, depression, anxiety and increased levels of stress. This global novel pandemic has affected various aspects of life in the world. Iraq has joined the list of the countries that got heavily damaged by COVID-19 pandemic. As is the case with the universities all around the world it is the same for the Iraqi universities by adopting the E-learning as their method of securing the academic year. 

        To be honest the Iraqi universities had already established means of online education even before the pandemic. However, sudden holistic dependence on distance teaching is quite overwhelming for both professors and students. E-learning has got its own refusers and believers that it is not the proper solution. In addition to being a new experience for the professors, all resulted in the students missing a lot of important information and struggling in their education.

       Based on From the aforementioned points, and as the Standing Committee on Medical Education, we decided to establish our vision regarding this issue and it is as the following: compensation for the educational deficiency in Iraqi universities, and for students in the medical field in particular, with increasing community awareness about this global novel pandemic that called COVID-19. Therefore we split the work into the following pillars:

Pillar 1- Online workshops and lectures; this is where our local officers started organizing online lectures and workshops based on the needs of the members of their local committees which were most of the times medical topics where the students have a defect in. For instance, in history taking, ECG and X-ray reporting, human systems, internal medicine topics and many more. A total of 26 sessions were conducted in 38 hours. For an average 100-150 participants in each single session.

Pillar 2- Online media campaigns; in which we noticed the essentiality of providing the medical students with the latest medical knowledge available about the virus itself, so two media campaigns were organized. A total of 56 stories and posts were shared on IFMSA-Iraq official pages sometimes as explicit information and other times as case scenarios or multiple choice questions. 

Pillar 3- Covid-19 booklet; Due to the novelty of this virus, we lack the resources to study about it. Principally, the booklet is a humble collection of the latest research and articles about the pandemic in addition to the basic information about the virus itself. Team of 6 members, two coordinators and supervised by NOME and NPO of IFMSA-Iraq

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