Ma souffrance n’est pas drôle #Manich_Mahboul (My suffering is not funny #Im_Not_Crazy) – Algeria (Le Souk)

Name of the activity: Ma souffrance n’est pas drôle #Manich_Mahboul (My suffering is not funny #Im_Not_Crazy)

Country/NMO: Algeria (Le Souk)

Program: Mental Health


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Campaign


General description:

Through out the second half of April 2018 and The whole month of May 2018 which is Mental Health awareness month, SCORP of Constantine, Algeria led a campaign to spread awareness about mental health in algeria, and to combat stigma and discrimination against mentally ill peaple called “My suffering is not funny #Im_Not_Crazy”.
We choose depression and schizophrenia being the most common mental illnesses and the most missunderstood ones in our society.
So we wanted to create a huge campaign, both online and on the ground in order to create the biggest impact possible.
We tried to touch every category of the society and to do so, creating events nearly everywhere in our city. In parrallel we created a huge campaign on facebook where we posted two short movies; one about schizophrenia : . And one about depression :
And After long preparation and obstacles, we were able to succeed with 4 events:
– Sensitization in the university on mental illness, mentally ill people’s rights and a conference with workshops about schizophrenia and depression with the projection of the two movies.
– Sensitization in city center in which we touched every category of the society.
– Conference with workshops with parents of a primary school students on child depression.
– Creation of a support group for depressed students.
We gave our all during the preparation of this campagn, but thankfully everything went well as we were able to touch many people and even changed lives with it!

Focus area:

Mental Health among the general population

Problem statement:

There is a huge problem with mental health in young people and students in Algeria. Depression and schizophrenia are two of the most common and unfortunetly misunderstood diseases in our society. Not only that, but mentally ill people are stigmatized and discriminated in their basic human rigths.
This vulnerable population suffers from a huge degradation in our country due to misconception of their ilnesses by the society in general.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

The target group is : University students – Students’ parents – Mentally ill people and their entourage.
Beneficiaries are the public in general.

Objectives and indicators of success:

– Sensitizie the public in general about mental illnesses in general, and depression and schizophrenia in particular.
– Combating discrimination and stigma againt mentally ill people.
– Instill respect and tolerance towards these people.
– Encourage people to consult psychologists and psychiatrists when in need.
– Sensitizing the public in general about human rights and mental health
– Creating support systems for mentally ill people through support groups.
– Sensitizing young student’s parents about child depression.


1- One month and half prior the activity :
– Proposing ideas and workshops to solve the problem, we ended up by choosing to do 2 sensitization campains; one in city center, and one in the university, one conference with workshops in a university auditorium, one confrence with workshops with parents of a primary school students, two shorts films, one on depression, the other on schizophrénia, and finally the creation of a support group for depressed students.
– Choosing the appropriate way to communicate the details of our activity to the public which was through a Facebook page
– Listing the needed materials
– Division of actions based on qualification, motivation and disponibility of the membres : five groups , one responsible for the preparation of each event.

2- One month prior the activity :
After taking some time to think through our project, we did a meeting to discuss the concrete details of the project which were :
– The content of the fold we were going to use during the sensitization
– The necessary workshops we were going to conduct during the two conferences.
– The procedure needed to create the support group and the specialist needed.
– The ideas of the shorts movies.

– The first group started to work on the content of the sensitization and obtain an authorization to put a stand in city center and in the univeristy.
– The second group went on the obtain the authorization of the audotirum and started working on workshops to conduct.
– The third group, with the help of the film producer of our committee started filming the two short movies.
– The fourth group started working on workshops about child depression and obtain the authorization for the primary school.
– The fifth group contacted some specialits and went on to discuss and organize the first session of the support group

Advertisement :
After the content was done, we worked with the designer of the committee to come up with posters and flyers to the campagn, and the fold for the sensitization.
We also opened a facebook page for the event, in which we communicated the details.

3- One week prior the activity :
– We conducted a survey online asking about their opinions on mental health.
– We intensed the advertisement to gain the maximum of attention through posting the two short movies on our youtube page and our facebook page and sharing them everywhere on the internet.
– Printing the flyers, posters and folds.

4- 3days prior the activity :
– Final meeting to discuss and review the evolution of the actions
– Listing needed materials to buy.
– Revision of the plan A.
– Coming up with plan b and c.

5 – Realisation of the project.

Through out this whole time line , we did many meetings , to review the evolution of the actions and update each other on our tasks .

Plans for evaluation:

– We conducted a survey with patients and the general public before we conducted the activity to ask them about their opinions on mental health.
– When sensitizing the public in general we mentioned the psychiatry of constantine in which they can consult when in need, and we are in contact with them to see the evolution.
– We asked the participants in the workshop about their new perspective about mental health.
– The psychologist helping us with the support group is following each member’s case.
– We asked for feedback through our facebook page.

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