LOUNGE TALK – Taiwan, China (FMS)

Name of the activity: LOUNGE TALK

Country/NMO: Taiwan, China (FMS)

Program: Teaching Medical Skills


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Campaign


General description:

It’s an internet media set up by Department of Membership of FMS-Taiwan.
In order to offer the opportunity for medical students to contact people from other working fields, the project aims to interview multidisciplined people, such as the doctor who is also a TV series screenwriter, architect who specializes in hospital building, or the pharmacist who starts up its own internet pharmacy, etc.
We will publish the interviewing articles through the project’s own website and facebook page.
LOUNGE TALK is the only news media in FMS-Taiwan. We have held 9 interviews and published 17 articles in the past two years. Each article gains 3000 facebook reach on average.
Here’s the website and page of LOUNGE TALK.

Focus area:

Doctor-Patient communication skills, Soft Skills for medical practitioners

Problem statement:

The problems of medical education in Taiwan is that the students have little opportunities to contact the people in other fields. There are two reasons resulted this problems. First, students apply and enter medical schools right after high school instead of entering pre-med school first, which narrow the multidisciplined path of medical students. Second, medical schools in Taiwan are mostly founded by medical universities instead of comprehensive university, which makes us hard to interact with students from law, business, or technology school.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Every medical students of 12 medical schools in Taiwan, especially people who have followed the facebook page of FMS-Taiwan and the page of LOUNGE TALK.

Objectives and indicators of success:

1. offer opportunities for medical students to interview multidisciplined people->hold 5 interviews of different field every years. Each of them enrolls 10 people as interviewers from different schools around Taiwan.
2. maximize the touch rate of each articles->over 3000 facebook reach and over 200 websites press every articles.
3. reach 1000 likes in LOUNGE TALK pages in the next semester


1. set up detailed timeline every semester
2. comply with the deadline of article publishment every interview
3. hold facebook campaigns such as taging or sharing posts to win prizes to promote the website and facebook page

Plans for evaluation:

#before the interview
1. enroll students as interviewers from different school, ensuring that the opportunities are equally distributed to every school.
2. prepare the interviewing timeline, thank you certification, question script for lecturer, etc.
#after the interview
1. writing the interviewing articles
2. sharing the articles in FMS-Taiwan
3. analyzing the likes and facebook reach of each articles

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