Little Einstein

Little Einstein – SCORE CIMSA Community Development for Little Research Pioneers

by Tiffanny Resta Kanisha, Angelreika Libowo, and Kevin Alvaro Handoko


We believe that Research should be acquainted as early as possible for creating pioneers and increase their interest in research. This year the SCORE CIMSA Universitas Padjadjaran conducted the first Community Development named Little Einstein to introduce them Basic Research to 10th grade students in SMAN Jatinangor, a public senior high school. The purpose of conducting Little Einstein this year is to form a cadre who has knowledge and interest in Research above his peers, in accordance with our program background, which is to pioneer future successors of future researchers in Indonesia. In this Community Development, we have four interventions for these young cadres.

In the first intervention, we held a Team Building together with the cadres of Jatinangor High School students. We also held Research related games session where cadre was asked to conduct a Volcano experiment, where they had to make their volcano erupts.

In our second intervention, we had the opportunity to invite 2 speakers from SRC FK Universitas Padjadjaran, who provided lectures about Scientific Papers (Initial Introduction to the Basic Research and an Introduction to Writing Scientific Papers). Cadre students seemed very interested and enthusiastic in every material presented. And they were very active in asking various questions.

In the third intervention, the cadres divided according to their Facilitation Groups. They will be guided by SCORE members to discuss the cases that the committee gave. In this Focus Group Discussion (FGD) session, they were asked to look around and to be aware of the events around them, that every little thing could be raised as research titles. At the end of the session, they were given assignments that they have to do and collect at the next meeting. The task is taking data and making a presentation that will be displayed at the next meeting.

In fourth intervention we held a group presentation from the results of research and that had been assign in the previous meeting. The project began with a presentation from the cadres about their research results using a Power Point with Indicators given by the committee that had been given at the previous meeting. At the end of the presentation session, the panellist gave a comprehensive evaluation to the participants. After all the presentations were made, the program continued with the award presentation session for the best committee, the best cadre, and best presentation. In the end, we also played the After Movie of Little Einstein 2019.

With this intervention, Little Einstein 2019 has ended. We hope that this project could give new insights on research, open their horizons of knowledge about the world of research, and know that curiosity is a good thing!

1st Intervention – Bonding

2nd Interventiom

3rd Intervention

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