Name of the activity: LIPID-WORLD AIDS DAY

Country/NMO: Indonesia (CIMSA-ISMKI)

Program: Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases

Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Campaign. Combination of education and advocacy. Campaigns create awareness in society about a certain topic (education aspect) and try to funnel this awareness into pressure on the decision makers to adapt policies accordingly (advocacy aspect).

General description:

The World Diabetes Day 2018 program began with a campaign through social media which was realized with twibbon to commemorate World Diabetes Day (in the form of Instagram and Twitter) on November 16, 2018. Then for the implementation of counseling held on December 11 2018, with presenters by Dr. Ningrum, who manages prolanis at the puskesmas, was accompanied by SCOPH CIMSA UNISSULA members in delivering material and education about diabetes. The other members were also provided with knowledge on how to check health for people with diabetes and also exercise for diabetics, while counseling did not forget to ask questions from participants to the doctors. The place for delivering the material yourself is in the hall of the patient’s waiting room and for checking health is in a closed room around it. we will do the follow up by contacting the wdd comittee routinely

Focus area:


Problem statement:

this activity is needed because the lack of knowledge about diabetes mellitus.The high rate of diabetes mellitus sufferers is undoubtedly true again. In Indonesia, in 2015 it was ranked 7th with prevalence

diabetics are the highest with the pestimization of 10 million people becoming sufferers. In Semarang area itself, the prevalence of DM is at the highest number. Based on data from the Semarang City Health Office in 2017,the highest number of patients with DM is at the Ngaliyan Health Center.

Target groups:

Elderly people


Elderly people

Objectives and indicators of success:

increasing the knowledge about DM and reduce numbers

DM’s illness in Semarang, fostered awareness and concern

community in conducting health checks, improving

Member’s skills and knowledge about NCD, especially diabetes and

basic training about diabetes and health checks as well

expected to be able to check health regularly

The official attendance at the event is 75% of the total official

counseling : the prepost value of participants increased by 80% and was attended by 80%

PERSADIA residents and diabetes group

Campaign : all members participate in the campaigm through

social media, with likes reaching 1000 and as many as 300 hashtags


a) Intervention Method: counseling (health check, gymnastics)

diabetes, material exposure) campaign (celebration on car free day

or by posting photos through social media)

b) Resources: partnership by PERSADIA in the form of a patient

with diabete mellitus and members of the cimsa unissula

with intervention to the community, along with doctors from the parties


c) Rundown:

Event preparation 06.00-07.00

Opening and prayer 07.00-07.10

Message from the RW Chairperson 07.10-07.15

Remarks from LOCO 07:15-07.20

Consumption 07.20-08.20

Extension 08.20-08.30

Counseling / Question and answer 08.30-09.30

Health check-up 09.30-10.15

Closure 10.15-11.20

d) Evaluation Method: conduct a post event evaluation with

analyze the shortcomings of the whole series of events (in the form of conformity with the schedule) and also the committee filled out

the pickle quiz

Plans for evaluation:

Follow Up Method: Contact each WDD committee member

routinely like advocating to cadres as well

village heads related to decreasing diabetes rates in the area

and see the percentage increase in value in the post test

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